SPEAKER OF THE WEEK: Ksenija Benedetti


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Ksenija Benedetti is a renowned Slovenian speaker, recognized for her exceptional ability to engage and inspire audiences. With a captivating presence and a wealth of knowledge in communication and personal development, Ksenija empowers individuals to unlock their full potential and achieve their goals. Through her dynamic speaking style and insightful teachings, she has earned widespread acclaim and continues to make a significant impact in the field of public speaking. Ksenija’s dedication to helping others find their voice and thrive in both personal and professional arenas has established her as a leading figure in Slovenia’s speaking community.

What was your most important lesson in 2023?

Take time for yourself. No one will do it for you. In life, we don’t have endless opportunities to experience cherry blossoms, spend holidays with our loved ones, admire sunrises, and climb hills and mountains… The best things in life are not things. We should be aware of this as early as possible when the grains of the hourglass of life have not yet settled in its lower half. In Sorrentino’s film La Grande Bellezza, the main character says something like: “I’m old enough that I don’t have to waste my time on things I don’t like doing anymore and people I don’t like hanging out with.” I try to stick to that. It’s just a pity that we grow old (too) fast and become wise (too) slowly. The awareness that our lives are not eternal is a natural fertiliser and fuel for finding the right paths.

What global trend will shape 2024?

I sincerely hope that there will finally be empathy, compassion, and respect for fellow travellers on this planet, people, animals, the entire ecosystem and that artificial intelligence will remain just a tool. We need a lot of tolerance, acceptance of responsibility, patience, finding compromises, and orientation toward higher goals.

What will be the most key skill in 2024?

I would like it to be the power of arguments and not the arguments of power. Managers would start to realise that they will only be truly successful if they treat employees with respect, non-arrogance, and responsibility and if they care about their well-being rather than just about profits and endless company growth. “Wealth is the slave of a wise man. The master of a fool,” says a French proverb. As soon in life as possible, it is best to accept the “bad” news that you cannot have everything and realise the good news that you do not need everything. A study by Harvard University, in which they were asking the same people for more than 80 years why they are happy, showed that quality relationships with loved ones make us happiest in life. Not achievements and not material goods. Relationships. Relations.

Tips and tricks that will help personal growth succeed in 2024?

We can only succeed as a global community that cares about fellow human beings, the environment, about the well-being of the planet, and not as elitist egoistic greedy individuals. Awareness of this is the basis for personal growth in other areas as well. Paulo Coelho says that when you say yes to others, don’t say no to yourself. Both can be in harmony with our actions.

What is your top resolution for 2024?

To take care of a balanced diet, health, good shape, and a positive attitude. To create in the field of education and awareness of people. To live in harmony with others. To enjoy the small big things with my loved ones.