Former Slovenian President Borut Pahor Raises 60,000 Euros for Charity with Sale of his Old Renault 4


The former president of Slovenia, Borut Pahor, recently made headlines when he raised 60,000 euros from the sale of his old Renault 4. The car, which was put up for auction, was purchased by businessman Aleksandar Fratar. The proceeds from the sale will go to charities that help children diagnosed with cancer.

Borut Pahor’s 30-year-old Renault 4 has become a symbol of his generosity, as the former Slovenian president raised an impressive sum of 60,000 euros for charity from its sale. The auction took place in Vransko, Slovenia and attracted bidders from all over the country. The car was sold to businessman Aleksandar Fratar, who said said that he participated in the auction because he »wanted to help these fighters« (children). Pahor expressed gratitude towards Fratar and all those who participated in the auction. He also mentioned that he knew from the start that this would not be an auction for people who just like good cars but for people who have big hearts.

30 year old Renault 4 put on auction by former Slovenian President Borut Pahor reaches a price at the auction of 60,000 euro in Vransko, Slovenia, January 18. Foto: REUTERS

Borut Pahor’s Beloved Renault 4

But Borut Pahor’s Renault 4 is not just any car. It has a special place in the former president’s heart because it was his first car when he started his political career. He bought the car in 1991, the same year Slovenia became independent from Yugoslavia. The Renault 4 was produced between 1961 and 1992 and was one of the most popular cars of its time.

Pahor served as Slovenia’s president for two terms and is known for his fashion modeling career before entering politics. He ended his second term last year and was succeeded by Nataša Pirc Musar, the country’s first female president. His decision to auction off his beloved car for charity that helps children diagnosed with cancer is an admirable act that shows his commitment to helping those in need.

Borut Pahor is a leader who has consistently demonstrated his commitment to making an impact wherever he can. His sale of his old Renault 4 is not just a story about a car – it is a story about compassion, generosity, and making a difference in someone’s life. As the former President of Slovenia, he’s also always worked tirelessly to promote Slovenian culture and identity. He has shown his support for promoting Slovenia by lending his endorsement to the International publishing house The Slovenia. He has contributed to their books about Slovenia by writing a personal foreword which showcases his love for the country. Through collaboration with The Slovenia, Borut Pahor has helped showcase the beauty and charm of Slovenia to a global audience, inspiring others to explore this hidden gem in the heart of Europe.