Design Talks: Q&A Tokio Furniture & Lighting


Gorazd Malačič, founder and creative director of a contemporary, forward-looking design brand, named Tokio. The brand and Gorazd, they focus on technically well-crafted design products for today’s thinking individual that likes to see their surroundings furnished with an eye to the future.

Number of pieces produced: several hundred, according to my quick guess 300.

Establisehd in: 2011.

Futuristic why: because Gorazd likes to travel in the future. Because the future is all there is.

Designed to what: to push back against the rigid confines of what is seen as trendy or simply of the moment in today’s contemporary design landscape.

Produced where and how: in LJ and LA. Assembled in Ljubljana by hand in design studio, carefully, by devoted developers then checked and tested by Gorazd himself.

Sold to who: romance and futuristic adventures are central to the brand’s anthem, and it is with those goals and values in mind that every product is envisaged and executed. This might explain why Tokio products are the first choice of business, academic, scientific and artistic professionals alike.

Where to find: around the globe in select multi-brand design stores. The best place to get better acquainted with the complete Tokio collection is out there, in the big wide world – at international design happenings around the globe. Interested parties should take the time to visit any of the major design events and enjoy a sit-down consult with Tokio’s expert staff to best explore the many options available.

Once you have everything you need to know about the design object that’s so very right for you, you’re well equipped to purchase any Tokio lighting and furniture solution anywhere in the world, simply by contacting them at [email protected]

Tokio fix: a futuristic take on smart home objects that push back against the rigid confines of what is seen as trendy or simply of the moment in today’s  contemporary design landscape.

Q&A Tokio Furniture & Lighting

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