Company Lek received prestigious international certificate Top Employer 2024!


Lek, a part of the Sandoz group, proudly received the prestigious international certificate Top Employer 2024! This title confirms the long-standing commitment to creating a high-quality working environment in the oldest pharmaceutical company in Slovenia. Lek has surpassed average ratings of comparable companies in all evaluation criteria, placing it among the best employers in Europe.

The acquisition of this prestigious certificate is just one of many confirmations of Lek’s exceptional human resources excellence. In addition to being recognized as the most reputable employer, they also hold the TOP Investor in Education certificate and numerous other accolades. With this, Lek continues its tradition of leadership and setting standards in the pharmaceutical industry, remaining an attractive employer in the Slovenian and European markets.

Robert Ljoljo, CEO of Lek and President of Sandoz Slovenia, stated: ‘Lek enjoys a great reputation in the Slovenian space, as we are an important part of our society as an employer, economic entity, and healthcare partner. With more than 3000 employees, we are the fifth-largest employer in the country. We are continually increasing the number of employees, also due to announced investments, which will create an additional 500 highly qualified jobs in the coming years. We are aware that our employees are at the center of our success, and we strive to create a good working environment for them, shaped by strong values of innovation, collaboration, and courage. We are proud that our human resources excellence is recognized internationally, and the greatest recognition comes from the many talents who repeatedly choose us as their employer.’

Best in Europe in HR Practices

Lek, a member of the Sandoz group, has proven to be a leading company in Europe, exceeding the average in HR practices and development programs for employees. The recently acquired certificate for the best employer, awarded by the internationally recognized Top Employers Institute, confirms the excellence of Lek’s HR practices.

The company has achieved an outstanding average score of 92.6%, significantly surpassing the European average of 85.4%. Lek has distinguished itself by surpassing the average ratings of comparable European companies in all six key HR areas, including people strategy, work environment, talent acquisition, learning, well-being, diversity, and inclusion.

The company received the highest possible scores, 100%, in the areas of business strategy, work environment, performance management, career development opportunities, values and purpose, and ethics and integrity. Lek particularly excelled in employee well-being, receiving a score that is 14% higher than the European average. It also stood out in sustainable management and career development opportunities, becoming an exemplary model in the business community.

The Top Employer 2024 certificate is recognition of the strong competitiveness of Lek’s working environment, offering employees advanced forms of work and unique opportunities for professional and career development in the international arena. Talent management is one of our strengths as we aim to be the first choice for the most promising and talented new candidates. In collaboration with universities, research institutes, and other educational institutions, we invest in talent development within the company and in the broader social ecosystem,’ said Paulina Pazio, Director of HR and a member of the Lek management board.

Receiving the certificate is a confirmation of efforts to establish an inclusive environment

Lek is built on strong values and organizational culture that encourage employees to fully express their talents and creativity. In an environment where the competition for talent is fierce, we focus on nurturing our people and ensuring their well-being. Their commitment to investing in employees goes beyond mere formality, as they believe that satisfied and motivated employees are the key to success.

Receiving the Top Employer certificate is a confirmation of their efforts to establish an inclusive work environment that promotes growth and allows individuals to express themselves in all their diversity. Their ongoing commitment to improving employee-related practices and building a positive work atmosphere guides them in a direction where they offer individuals unique opportunities for professional development in the global arena.

At Lek, they say they will continue to persist in developing the best practices and creating an inspiring work environment for current and future colleagues. They are also proud of consistently demonstrating excellence in human resources and express gratitude to all employees for their invaluable contribution to establishing a positive work atmosphere, open communication, and collaboration. Together, they are building a successful future for Lek.

The recognition of Lek’s HR excellence as a Top Employer complements the title of the most reputable employer, which Lek received from the portal in 2023. Lek is also recognized as a company that significantly invests in the education and development of employees, as evidenced by the TOP Investor in Education certificate. Additionally, they take pride in certifications as a Disability-Friendly Company, Family-Friendly Company, and LGBT-Friendly Company. ‘Employees are our essence, so we create a working environment that allows us to be the best version of ourselves,’ added Paulina Pazio.

Heartfelt congratulations on achieving the certificate, and to continued success!