Ana Roš Opens the 2024 Season at Hiša Franko


Hiša Franko kicks off the new season with three red and one green Michelin stars for the first time. Following a brief winter hiatus, which provided Ana and her team with additional energy and fresh impetus, they have announced the opening of the 2024 season!

During the closure, they took the opportunity to stylishly refresh the restaurant, accentuating its character even more, where homeliness and ample space for art abound. However, rest assured, the recognizable and characteristic red walls remain, continuing to narrate the story of love, passion, and determination. This theme extends to this year’s menu, which Ana has aptly named “50 Shades of Red.”

Frida Kahlo once said,

‘I never painted my dreams. I only painted my reality.’ Fifty years ago, Frida Kahlo was a painter. Today, Ana Roš is a chef. Fifty shades of life continue with fifty shades of red. Red embodies love, passion, and determination. Passion for cooking, creating drinks, and the hospitality passion. Passion for art. The colors of Hiša Franko intertwine in various shades of red. Many beautiful artworks hang on its walls,”

This is how Ana explained the theme and name of this year’s menu.

Treat yourself to an exceptional culinary indulgence. Reservations are accepted HERE.

Hiša Franko as one of the most unique culinary destinations

Nestled in the heart of the Julian Alps, amidst mountain greenery and the crystal-clear waters of the Soča River, lies a hidden gem of the culinary scene – Hiša Franko. This refined restaurant, conceived by culinary master Ana Roš, has etched its name in history as one of the most unique culinary destinations in the world.

Ana Roš, born in Kobarid, Slovenia, didn’t start her career as a chef. She took her first steps into the culinary world while studying international relations and diplomacy as a young woman. However, fate had other plans when she took over the management of Hiša Franko alongside her husband Valter Kramar in 2000. With her dedication, passion, and exceptional talent, Ana Roš soon captured the attention of critics and food enthusiasts worldwide.

Hiša Franko is not just a restaurant but a haven of innovation, where Ana creates true culinary magic. Her approach to cooking is marked by exceptional creativity, respect for local ingredients, and meticulous attention to detail in preparing dishes. Every dish that leaves her kitchen is a true masterpiece, taking guests on an unforgettable culinary journey.

Ana Roš is not only a chef but also an ambassador of Slovenian cuisine. Through her work, she has put Slovenia on the map of world cuisine and contributed to the recognition of local cuisine. Her efforts have been rewarded with the highest accolades, including the title of the world’s best female chef, awarded to her in 2017 by The World’s 50 Best Restaurants magazine.

Hiša Franko is not just a culinary destination but also a place with a special energy and atmosphere. Located in an idyllic setting, surrounded by the pristine nature of the Julian Alps, it creates the perfect space for gastronomic indulgence and relaxation. Guests can immerse themselves in the charms of local cuisine and wine and enjoy the hospitality that Hiša Franko has put on the global map.

In addition to her culinary achievements, Ana Roš actively participates in various projects that promote sustainable agriculture and local self-sufficiency. Her contribution to preserving traditional cooking techniques and recipes is invaluable, emphasizing the importance of respecting heritage and the environment.