The coronavirus, also known as COVID-19 is affecting 194 countries and territories around the world.

There are more than 450,000 Coronavirus cases in the world at this moment. While there are over 19,500 deaths due to Coronavirus in the world, over 109,000 people recovered from the virus.

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Latest status update about Coronavirus in Slovenia

Almost 15.00 people were tested for a possible Coronavirus infection in Slovenia. Over 500 people have tested positive and sadly we have also recorded the fourth death due to Coronavirus in Slovenia. Almost 10 people are being treated in intensive care due to Coronavirus in Slovenia.

Slovenia entered lockdown mode at midnight last night, as the government issued decree temporarily prohibiting public gatherings in public places to contain the spreading of Coronavirus in Slovenia.

The Slovenian Government also prohibited gatherings for more than 5 people at the same time. People who will not follow the order will be fined with up to 400 euros.

Slovenia will reintroduce border checks with Austria from midnight to restrict access to the country because of the coronavirus epidemic. A total of 13 border checkpoints will be set up at former border crossings with Austria,

Coronavirus in Croatia

Croatia has confirmed 8 more cases who tested positive for Coronavirus in Croatia, coming to a total of 113 cases of COVID-19.

Serbia closes borders after Coronavirus outbreak

Serbia closed its airport and said it will shut all road and rail borders other than to freight traffic, as well as halt all internal passenger transport in a bid to curb the spread of coronavirus. President Aleksandar Vučić announced the closing of all borders for all passengers both on the road and on rail transport. Serbia has also already introduced a night curfew, ordered the elderly to stay indoors and in line with a state of emergency imposed on Sunday, deployed military at the borders.

Serbia currently has 103 confirmed Coronavirus cases, up from 97 from earlier in the day, out of 506 people tested. There have been no fatalities so far.

Coronavirus cases in Austria surpass 2200

The Austrian population is asked to reduce their social contacts. Only those direct contacts should be maintained that are absolutely necessary and are otherwise used by telephone or other technical means.

Entering and leaving Tirol is only permitted in exceptional circumstances. This applies to all border crossings as well as to Innsbruck Airport and all public transport. The borders with Italy, Switzerland, and Germany are closed due to Coronavirus in Europe.

Italy’s Coronavirus Death Toll Overtakes China’s

Italy’s death toll from the coronavirus epidemic appears to have overtaken that in China, the latest official data shows, as Chinese fatalities fall sharply and Europe becomes the epicenter of a pandemic that is killing thousands and devastating the global economy.

The relentless rise of Coronavirus in Italy possesses as the particular danger the respiratory disease poses for elderly people in a country that has the world’s second-oldest population after Japan.

By Thursday afternoon, 3,405 people infected with the coronavirus had died in Italy, an increase of 427 from a day earlier. Some 3,245 people carrying the virus had died in China by the end of Wednesday, a toll that is now rising by only around 10 a day, according to Chinese official data.

Italy’s much older population partly accounts for why the virus is killing more people, faster. In all countries, people over 70 years old are much more likely to develop severe symptoms and die than younger people. As a humanitarian crisis unfolds, Italy is hoping that the rate of deaths and new infections will peak in the coming week. Already, the pace of total known infections has slowed somewhat in recent days.

Coronavirus in Germany: High infection rate

The Coronavirus crisis has hit Germany with full force. Infections are increasing rapidly, schools, factories, and bars have closed across the country, and government measures to slow the outbreak are becoming more draconian by the day.

According to data from Johns Hopkins University, there were 13,979 coronavirus infections in Germany on Thursday afternoon, more than in any other country except China, Italy, Iran, and Spain. At the same time, Germany had registered 42 deaths.

France reports a major increase in Coronavirus deaths

French health authorities revealed 108 new deaths from Coronavirus, taking the total to 372 or an increase of almost 41%, the toll rising sharply yet again as the country was in its third day of a lockdown aimed at containing the outbreak. During a press conference, health agency director Jerome Salomon added the number of cases had risen to 10,995, up from 9,134 on Tuesday, which is a rise of 20% in 24 hours.

Spain’s predictions for Coronavirus – 80 % of people will get COVID-19

Spain currently confirmed over 20.000 cases of Coronavirus. Over 1000 people have died due to Coronavirus in Spain, while 1600 recovered according to Spanish officials.

Eight out of ten people in the Spanish capital, Madrid, will get Covid-19, according to the president of the Region of Madrid, Isabel Díaz Ayuso.

Spanish Government has ordered all hotels in its territory to close to help stem the spread of coronavirus.

Britain orders complete lockdown due to Coronavirus

There are over 3300 confirmed cases of Coronavirus in the United Kingdom. Over 150 people have died due to Coronavirus in the UK. The number of recovered cases is rather small at this point, as only 65 people have fully recovered from Coronavirus.

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