ostarija resaurant dolenjske toplice
ostarija resaurant dolenjske toplice


ostarija resaurant dolenjske toplice

Dolenjske Toplice is a place of contrasts. On the one hand, it’s a typically charming rural town nestled along several bends in the Sušica river in  southern Slovenia, but on the other, it’s home to a well-known thermal spa attracting thousands of visitors a year and boasting several large hotels. Nearby Oštarija similarly combines its traditional rural roots with contemporary approaches to create a winning recipe.

Beyond the rustic ambience and classic interior, head chef Robert Gregorčič and his team use local ingredients and revive long-forgotten regional recipes with contemporary gastronomic techniques. A multi-course chef’s tasting menu is a must-try and a great value.

• Sokolski trg 2, 8350 Dolenjske Toplice • 12:00-23:00 (Tue-Sat | tor-sob), 12:00-16:00 (Sun | ned)
• +386 51 262 990
• jernej.jarc@ostarija.si, www.ostarija.si
• Chef: Robert Gregorčič; Sommelier: Klaudia Matjaž
• Cuisine | kuhinja: traditional Slovenian | tradicionalna slovenska

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