​Romerquelle Relive – Non carbonated natural mineral water


Need to fresh up? Check out Römerquelle new flavour!

A charming feeling of carbonated and non-carbonated natural mineral water. Relive the senses with the water of Römerquelle.

From now on, the popular refreshing Römerquelle Emotion is also available in a new exciting taste – flavor of blackberries and limes. Strawberries in combination with a refreshing lime will awaken, inspire and sharpen your mind. The specialty of the blackberries is that it has a high nutritional value, which is rich in vitamin C and contains more fibers than any other fruits, which effectively strengthens immunity. It’s also nutritious lime citrus fruit, because it contains two very important substances for the normal function of the body, calcium and folic acid.

Now is the perfect time to experience the new feeling with a combination of blackberries and limes and discover completely different dimension of freshness. Enjoy the style of Römerquelle water!

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Products made with love in Slovenia

Products made with love in Slovenia