TOP 5 Wine events in October and November


TOP 5 Wine events in October and November


VinDel Wine & Culinary Fair

This international wine and delicacy event is one that attracts a broad range of exhibitors, and gives visitors the chance to try a huge variety of glasses and dishes. Highly recommended if in the area. 
Maribor, Štajerska,


St. Martin’s day in Ljubljana

Due to its variety and quality, Slovene wines are very much appreciated, and this year we invite you to visit us and to indulge in the smell and taste of this noble drop, confirm the old insights and discover something new.

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St. Martin’s day in Ljubljana

Wine Route in the Tunnels under Kranj

Kranj’s annual wine festival may be the most interesting wine event in Slovenia, as it takes place in the WWII-era tunnels underneath the old town. Held on two consecutive weekends, there’s also a full programme of other events around town running concurrently.

St Martin’s Day

Every region in Slovenia takes part in the annual celebration of St. Martin’s Day, to mark the production of new wine, and the events held can range from simple tastings to loud parties. The focus is on November 8 to 13, but the exact details vary from place to place. Wherever you are the second weekend of November, just ask around and you’ll find the wine.
All over Slovenia

Slovenian Wine Festival

Slovenia’s largest food and wine-related event is held at one of Ljubljana’s most prestigious hotels, bringing together a broad range of participants and attendees from the industry, media and interested consumers. It aims to raise awareness of Slovenian wine and food.
Cankarjev Dom, Ljubljana,

Source: THE Slovenia WINE

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Products made with love in Slovenia

Products made with love in Slovenia