Slovenia receives the Best of Europe 2020 Award in the field of sustainability


Slovenia is among the winners of the 2020 Sustainable Top 100 Destination Awards as part of its efforts in the field of sustainable tourism development within the Slovenian Tourism Organization’s Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism.

As a top destination in the field of sustainability, it was celebrated in the Best of Europe category. Due to the situation, the announcement of the awards, which should take place within the ITB Berlin World Tourism Exchange, took place online.

The Green Destinations organizer announced the winners and finalists today, and the official award ceremony will take place as part of the Central Green Destination Destinations event at Global Green Destinations Day (GGDD) 2020 from 6 to 8 October in Bodrum, Turkey.

The Best of Europe Award was received by the Slovenian Tourism Organization (STO) for the introduction of sustainable models in tourism at the national level, within the program Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism (ZSST), together with the accredited partner of the GoodPlace Sustainable Tourism Factory institute and for examples of good practices developed in Bohinj, Maribor, Mirno Kras, Idrija and Monstera Bistro.

Mag. Maja Pak, STO Director, emphasized: “In the past few years, Slovenian tourism has received numerous prestigious awards at the ITB Berlin Global Tourism Exchange. Among other things, Slovenia was proclaimed the best sustainable destination in Europe in 2018. This year’s 2020 Sustainable Top 100 Destination Award and the first place in the Best of Europe category, which was announced online this year due to ITB cancellation, is another confirmation that sustainable development is the true focus of Slovenian tourism. With the Green Scheme of Slovenian Tourism, which has involved more than 100 different stakeholders in just six years, we systematically encourage destinations and providers to introduce sustainability into their operations. Last week we welcomed the 100th member of the scheme, and among the holders of the sign Slovenia Green, most of the leading destinations are already present.”

Following the successful completion of the STO application, a 12-member panel of international organizations selected winners and finalists in seven categories: Nature, Community & Culture, Best of Africa, Best of Americas, Best of Asia-Pacific, Best of Europe and ITB Earth Award. The Commission assessed the completeness of the application, the innovative aspect, the efficiency and the portability of the project applied for. good practices and the overall status of the certification destination. With more than 40 certified destinations receiving the Slovenia Green Destination badge, Slovenia has won first place in the Best of Europe category, becoming one of this year’s winners in seven categories, thus confirming its place among the best sustainable destinations in the world. Second place in the same category was taken by Alto Minho, Portugal and third by Fiskar Village, Finland.

Receiving the renowned and globally acclaimed Best of Europe 2020 award at the 2020 Sustainable Top 100 Destination Awards is a great promotion for all destinations with the Slovenia Green sign and additional positioning in a sustainable tourism destination.

The awards are presented by organizations in partnership with Green Destinations, TravelMole, Travelife, and ITB Berlin, with the aim of highlighting success stories, exchanging good practices and promoting upgrades and improving sustainability in tourism. In doing so, destinations stimulate an even greater commitment to sustainability, positively affecting both locals and tourists.

Bled is one of the top 3 finalists in the ITB Earth Award, which rewards leading practices in combating climate change and environmental degradation. With good practice on waste reduction, Bled finished third, winning QualityCoast Delta, the Netherlands.

As early as 2018, Slovenia was named Best of the Planet – Best of Europe as the best destination in Europe within the ITB Stock Exchange and the Top 100 Sustainable Destinations awards.

With this extraordinary ranking, Slovenia once again confirms its leading role among tourist destinations, which, through excellent examples of sustainable tourism destination management practices, ensure the involvement of local communities in tourism activities while successfully managing the challenges posed by tourist growth trends.

There are already 100 recipients of the Slovenia Green sign in the Slovenian Tourism Scheme

The Slovenian Green Tourism Scheme is a national program and certification scheme which, under the umbrella brand Slovenia Green, combines all efforts for the sustainable development of tourism in Slovenia, provides concrete tools for evaluating and improving the sustainable operation of destinations and providers and promoting green operation. Sustainable development is the cornerstone of Slovenian tourism, to which all its key stakeholders and the Slovenian Tourism Organization (STO) have committed themselves.

In less than six years, 53 tourist destinations, 45 accommodation providers, 4 nature parks, 2 travel agencies, and a landmark have joined ZSST. As the 100th, ZSST last week entered accommodation provider Nebesa Chalets and obtained the Slovenian Green Accommodation sign using the internationally recognized Travelife sign. That the national and certification program is truly an example of good practice, what

Source: Slovenska turistična organizacija