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A top model and a fashion designer, the co-founder of Just A Corpse. Non partisan think the luxury leisure and body-wear brand Just A Corpse draws inspiration from dance, the art deriving form the most primordial of our belongings: our bodies. Just A Corpse fine garments form a distinctive style statement and are appropriate for a variety of exercises, leisure activities or just for feeling comfortably sexy.

Published in: international issues of Vogue, Grazia, Marie Claire, Elle, Numero, Cosmopolitan and more.

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Sustainable why: it’s a joined venture of local creatives with family run production company from a hometown of Ljubljana, spreading their vision and establishing recognition globally. Designed to do what: move your booty and shimmy and look impeccable at your favourite workout studio, dance floor, swimming pool; or just for a styled up hangout with your friends and that special date where you want to feel effortlessly sexy.

Produced where and how: locally in their hometown of Ljubljana in a familial production environment. Focusing on understanding of individual needs through development of personal relationships with everyone in the chain; starting from creative teams to high quality knitting mills and professionals in production who dedicate their time and long cherished skills to deliver highly sophisticated garments that end customer gets to experience with joy.

Sold to who: professional dancers, yoga teachers, athletes as much as to fashion enthusiasts and women who are aware that age is an advantage in acquiring experience, individuality and work hard to possess that independent aura, enhancing their inner strength by physical activity and personal style.

Where to find: Best directly at justacorpse.com.

Just A Corpse fix: “for exercise at the barre or relaxing in the bar”.

Source: THE Fashion Design April 2019

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Products made with love in Slovenia

Products made with love in Slovenia