Kurents mentioned on National Geographic Traveller


One of our oldest traditions is the Shrovetide festival, called Pust, where the scary monsters also known as Kurents scare away the winter.

Last week an article about Kurents popped up on the website of National Geographic. The article was written by author Noah Charney, who is also the author of the book Slovenology.

In the article, Charney describes the ancient Slovenian tradition that was almost lost and how the local Slovenian community is stepping in is preserving it from being forgotten. Charney writes about Kurents: “But on this late winter morning, with mist hugging the riverbanks, the natural scenery makes a perfect backdrop for a parade of monsters. No, this isn’t a fever dream. It’s part of Pust (pronounced poost), Slovenia’s version of Carnival, tied to the Christian holiday of Shrovetide. It’s a millennia-old tradition that almost didn’t survive due to the efforts of disapproving church leaders and, in later years, a socialist regime.”

Read the whole article, here.

Photo by: Ciril Jazbec

Source: National Geographic & Slovenska turistična organizacija