How likely you are to get infected with Coronavirus in Slovenia?


Sadly, there are more and more cases of Coronavirus in Slovenia. A number of confirmed cases are rising on a daily basis.

That’s why a team of developers and doctors decided to make an online assessment where you can check how likely it is for you to get infected with Coronavirus or if you are already showing symptoms of Coronavirus.

About Vid – Corona Bot

Vid is a chatbot on the Facebook Messenger platform that is available to users free of charge 24 hours a day.

Through a short questionnaire, it enables the assessment of the risk of infection with the new coronavirus (SARS-CoV-2) and provides relevant information and guidance based on the interviewee’s responses based on the NIJZ guidelines.

In times of social distancing, choosing the right awareness medium is all the more important. The bot will inform you of the right preventive measures to prevent transmission of the Coronavirus in Slovenia.

The information is provided through illustrations in a fast, memorable and user-friendly way, directly in FB Messenger. In particular, it focuses on highlighting the social distance measure and wants to convey to healthy people the message that their risk of infection is low provided they stay at home. The questionnaire will take you about 3 minutes.

Access to the Vid – chatbot

You can chat with Vid, here or directly on the Facebook Messenger platform. You need a Facebook / Messenger account to conduct the assessment.

Aims of the project

  1. Preventing the panic and reassuring the public, while proactively raising awareness of basic preventative hygiene measures and emergency social distancing measures to prevent the spread of the epidemic of Coronavirus in Slovenia.
  2. Efforts to make clear to users that they are not qualified for testing or testing. hospitalization, do not come to entry points or health centers and hospitals and thus relieve health facilities.
  3. Clear informing of a small number of users who, based on the answers given, are in the medium or high-risk group, how to proceed – detailed instructions for the self-isolation process, appropriate contact, directions not to visit the doctors or hospitals directly, precise locations of the entry points with path links (Google Maps), should your doctor refer them there.


Development: Žiga Kramperšek, Val Skupina d.o.o., Troljo

Design: Emil Kozole, Ljudje d.o.o.

Editing: NIJZ Matija Zajec

Video strategy, influencer outreach: Tjaša Deu

Copy: Jaka Peršon

External team

Marija Malgaj, dr. med.

Nejc Planinc, dr. med.

Jaka Vrhovec, dr. med.

Tjaša Povšič, dr. med.

Blaž Hrastnik, dr. med.

Ana Lipnik, dr. med.