Exploring Makarska Riviera


The Makarska Riviera is famous for its wonderful beaches, some of which are several kilometres long. The beaches are usually shingle or pebble smoothed by the sea into rounded shapes which are comfortable to lie and walk on. The white beaches fringed by thick pine forests and the refreshing crystal clear waters are among the main attractions of the Makarska Riviera. Here are some of the best of the beaches.

Dugi rat Beach (ex Punta Rata Beach), Brela – This beach is regularly nominated as one of the loveliest in Europe, if not the world. Its white shingle turns into coarse sand at the water’s edge, making it ideal for children. It’s backed by pine trees which provide welcome shade when the sun is at its strongest, a perfect spot for an afternoon nap. This is the beach where you’ll find the Rock of Brela sitting just off the shore, covered in ancient crooked pines. As the beach is in the centre of the pleasant resort of Brela, there are plenty of restaurants and cafés along the waterfront as well as sports equipment for hire.

Živogošće Beach, Živogošće – Olive trees and pine forests grow alongside the lovely shingle beach at Živogošće, so this beach is a great place to keep your cool and take a refreshing dip on even the hottest day. Nearby Hotel Nimfa is a good place to find something to eat and drink, and has tennis courts, an open-air swimming pool and other leisure facilities.

Nugal Beach, Tučepi – Nugal Beach is a famous naturist beach on the Makarska Riviera. It’s located east of Makarska, not far from Tučepi. It’s hidden by steep cliffs; to get to it you need to take a stroll through a lovely pine forest. This is a piece of heaven for those who enjoy the freedom of sunbathing and bathing in the clean sea just as nature intended.

Mala Duba Beach, Živogošće – This beach made of small white pebbles stretches through the whole village of Mala Duba at Živogošće. Part of it is reserved for naturists. This is a spectacular spot where the mountains plunge right into the sea on the idyllic, pine-fringed shoreline. It’s a great place to enjoy an evening stroll and watch the sun go down. Hotel Nimfa has entertainment on summer evenings. There’s a small market where you can stock up on delicious, locally-grown fruit and vegetables.

Berulija Beach, Brela – This beach, 400m long, is made up of three little coves, perfect for those who prefer more intimate beaches to long stretches of shingle. The beach is well equipped with toilets and showers, there’s a lifeguard on duty and wheelchair access. Plenty of shade is available in the pine forest behind the beach.

Gornja Vala Beach, Gradac – Gradac is a lively little resort with a number of hotels with discos and bars open all night. The harbour here provides perfect shelter for small vessels in bad weather. Gornja Vala beach is the longest beach on the Croatian Adriatic and one of the most famous of the Makarska Riviera’s shingle beaches. It’s located just south of the little harbour. This is a scenic spot at the foot of the mountains. Pine and olive provide shade, and there are plenty of sports facilities. There’s a small naturist beach a short distance away.