Slovenia tourism – we should offer more


Business newspaper Finance: While the number of tourist arrivals is growing, Slovenia should offer more.

The number of tourist arrivals in Slovenia has been growing for nine years in a row, but the commentator says that the fact that it is almost impossible to book a room in Ljubljana these days is nevertheless surprising.

While the numbers are growing and hotels and restaurants are full, there is one figure that catches the eye – consumption by tourists, adds the commentary It’s All Smiles When Things Grow.

The five-star hotels that are being built in the capital are expected to change this, to attract wealthier guests, but spending is not only about the supply of rooms and hotels, as what Ljubljana has to offer still lags behind the competition.

“If we want tourists to spend more money here, we need to offer them more. Bakeries, fashion shops and similar are not enough, especially if their supply is better in the countries where tourists are coming from.”

If a room is charged EUR 300 a night, all other sites must be competitive with the destinations which charge that kind of money for a night, concludes Finance (21.05.19).

Source: STA

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Products made with love in Slovenia

Products made with love in Slovenia