Pub Crawl in Ljubljana


Crawl your way around Ljubljana

Squares, churches, museums, statues, castles, and parks, checked, you’ve done it, you’ve seen it, you’ve gotten to know the city. But have you, really? There is no way you can know the city if you haven’t seen how it spends the night. The nightlife scene in Ljubjana, a city of students and travellers, is vibrant to say the least. Regardless of who joins you on your drinking spree and who you happen to meet, Pub Crawl Ljubljana believes no city tour should start or finish without a drink.

While we all know you of all people need no help in warming up and socializing, just in case you might not be feeling your usual self, the easy-going, friendly and quite crazy guides are there to help. Immerse yourself in drinking games and challenges that, coupled with free shots, break the ice between crawlers and even give the opportunity to come out a winner. Because cheap beer, free shots and a wide collection of top-notch cocktails or all shapes and sizes is not all it’s about, the Pub Crawl ticket gets you free entrance to the hottest hubs of Ljubljana’s nightlife. 

They say Slovenes are a society with a little bit of Austro-Hungarian and a little bit of Balkan legacy. Meaning they might not hug and kiss you the first time you meet, but will probably do so after a couple of shots of rakija. As will all humankind. So there’s really no better way to feel one with everyone than by drinking together. Pub crawl your way through Ljubljana’s nightlife to make some memories and leave some of yourself behind.