Top activities in Slovenia


You’re already here or you’re thinking about it. Green, hilly meadows, deep forests, serene blue lakes, high mountain tops, what’s there to think about? For such a small population, Slovenes take pride at excelling at many sports, business, scientific and artistic competitions. A big chunk of the praise goes to Slovenia being a country of energy and activity. 

Slovenia is the perfect place to rest your body – by moving it and feeding it awesome food. With over 80% of the country covered in green, most of your time is sure to be spent outdoors, attacking mountain tops in hiking shoes, riding a bicycle through picturesque plains and valleys, finding your inner survivor and floating on river rafts or elegantly kayaking your way across its magnificent rivers, explorings its canyons and caves, engaging in winter activities when the country is covered in a magical curtain of white, horse-riding and rock climbing, all with a sure thing in mind: the day will end with some unforgettable countryside meal and spirit to calm the mind and prepare the body for a well-earned sleep.

For tomorrow is another day. And it is sure that Slovenia Activities never ceases to impress each and every visitor with a scope and specter of ideas on what to do in Slovenia. Since seeing the capital is a must for any traveller to the country, you’d be sorry if you didn’t spice it up with a SUP paddleboard on the Ljublanica river or a simple Photo Tour of Ljubljana, where the art of taking the perfect photograph meets knowledge about the city through its most picturesque spots and corners. For a bird’s eye view, we’d suggest getting into a hot air balloon or go paragliding in Bled, and although holding on to your paraglide might make it difficult to make photos, the adrenaline will probably give you momentary photographic memory. 

If that’s still enough, or that’s something you’ve been there and done that, there are some things you can only do in Slovenia, at least in the way they are done here. Slovenia is know for its bears, so a Bear Watching Tour might be something you’re not likely to forget. While bears will be left undisturbed, truffles will probably be eaten. Slovenia’s precious Karst region to the south-west is best well known for proscuitto and truffles. While prosciutto is more difficult to catch, truffles are waiting to be found as part of the Truffle Hunting Tour. And because labour of the land is something the slovene farmers know all to well, they would appreciate your help to spend a day with them and experience a day on a traditional Slovenian farm.

And because the eating and drinking culture is central to the life of a Slovene, specially crafted gastronomy activities include wine and beer tastings, food tours, dinners and even a cooking class led by the secret recipes of slovene grandmothers. Basically, many things to do and eat and a world of time and space to do it. Best make your choice of Activities in Slovenia and get going!