Slovenia in a day


Since prehistory to present day, Slovenia was placed at an important crossing of people, ideas and goods between north and south, east and west. Because of its geographical and historical characteristics, it is today a blend of ethnicities and cultures and takes pride in being one of the most linguistically diverse countries in the world. While the mountains, hills, plains, rivers, lakes and the seaside take pride in all their shades of blue and green, cities, villages and regions differ quite a lot from one another, albeit the country itself is small. To really say you’ve been there, you should explore beyond your base destination. It only takes a day.

While there are numerous offers of Day Trips Slovenia, the most popular are probably Day trips from Ljubljana and Day Trips from Bled. The capital city as well as Bled, the most recognizable of the country’s lakeside towns are places most visitors choose to travel to first, or stay at for a couple of nights. Ranging from 5 – 15 hours, you can visit natural and cultural highlights nearby the neigboring town of Kamnik or go as far as Venice in Italy. You can take a day trip from Ljubljana to Bled and vice-versa. If you’re based in Bled, you’re already living inside a day trip, and the Alpine Adventure in Triglav Park is simply a must.  Some day trips in Slovenia are also organised from the Koper, so you can easily see both Bled and Ljubljana even if you’re based at the Slovenian coast. While the famous Postojna cave is a short drive away, highlights of day trips from Koper include a Wine Tour of the Coast and a visit of Karst and the Lippizzaner horses. 

Thematic tours that center around the culture of drinking wine, photography-oriented tours, and tours for sports enthusiasts that include canyoning and rafting in the various lakes, canyons, and rivers. Discover top day trips in Slovenia here.