Gostilna Skaručna


This tasty gostilna was opened in the village of the same name just north of Ljubljana by Slavko Žagar Sr back in 1975. To this day Skaručna has the reputation of extravagant experience, going well beyond what is on their plentifully served plates and in their elegant glasses.

The owner, Slavko Žagar Jr, is a jolly fellow and exceptional host, but also takes his cuisine very seriously.


Fresh ingredients come directly from the nearby fields and forests, and even the wood that fires the open-air barbecue is carefully selected. In short, every meal at Skaručna is a unique, and often unforgettable, experience.


Skaručna 20, 1217 Vodice

+386 1 832 3080, +386 40 799 810, [email protected],

[email protected], www.skarucna.si

Chef: Slavko Žagar, Sommelier: Slavko Žagar

Cuisine: modern, traditional Slovenian

13:00–22:00 (Tue–Sun)

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