Gostišče Jezero

Gostišče Jezero is located in the beautiful green surroundings of Lake Zbilje near Medvode. You are invited to try culinary delicacies in the warm embrace of money ambiance that provides you with stunning views of the lake below Gostišče Jezero.

At Gostišče Jezero you will be able to try out amazing traditional Slovenian dishes as well as international dishes that we all know and love. The food is freshly prepared, where the focus is on modern trends and healthy choices. By choosing fresh and high-quality ingredients at Gostišče Jezero they will make sure your taste buds will be satisfied despite your eating habits.

Dishes from traditional Slovenian cuisine were included in all groups of dishes. You can choose between: Ham with horseradish, home-made sausage in lard, Karst prosciutto with olives, buckwheat mash, Bela Krajina matevž, beef soup, soup with mushrooms, peasant individually, mushrooms roasted or with egg and so much more. Guests who love seafood will be able to pamper themselves with the flavors of sea crabs (shrimp), white sea ribs (blacksmith, toothfish, sea bass, gilthead sea bream, sole), and sea mollusks (octopus salad, squid prepared in several ways). Even dessert lovers will not be left "empty-handed". In addition to ice cream and fruit piles, Gostišče Jezero also offers traditional gibanica, štruklji, a buckwheat slice with a pear, various types of pancakes, among which is the queen of pancakes Jezero.


Zbilje 30 Medvode

(01) 361 80 01


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