Alpina – leading brand for cross-country skiing and hiking shoes

alpina ziri

ALPINA is a development-oriented footwear manufacturer with a long and inspiring tradition. ALPINA sees added value as its most important key promise, and so the company has consistently explored materials and innovative technologies since 1947.

The company’s mission is to develop, produce, and market high-quality products that offer a perfect movement experience that surpasses customers’ expectations. As a footwear specialist, it effectively unites all of its corporate divisions into similarly driven and well-supported efforts for the manufacture, sale, and distribution of footwear.

ALPINA aspires to be a well-respected corporation with a globally recognized brand name. This is why the company insists on developing creative partnerships with well-qualified and highly motivated individuals and companies all over the world.

ALPINA’s vision

  • One of the world’s three leading brands for cross-country skiing
  • The world’s leading manufacturer of footwear for cross-country skiing
  • A sought-after partner for the development, sale, and manufacture of footwear
  • The best seller of allday and hiking shoes in the western Balkans
  • A platform where employees see the opportunity to develop an international career


Heritage is an important part of ALPINA’s charm. Craftsmen in the small town of Žiri have been making footwear since the middle of the nineteenth century. A lot has changed since the good old days, but this dedication to craftsmanship and handiwork has remained practically the same. Every shoe that comes out of the ALPINA development cycle bears traces of timeless wisdom and everlasting know-how.

Alpina Elite 3.0 ski boot


June, 2020. Alpina become one of the 19th ambassadors in national campaign for the promotion of the Slovenian economy abroad “I Feel Slovenia, Green. Creative. Smart.”, run by the public agency SPIRIT Slovenia.

The aim of the campaign is to show responsibility and care for the environment, which is crucial for the future of our planet. All campaign participants introduce smart and unique products that show the key competitive advantages of the Slovenian economy: green, creative, smart. They participate in campaign with their breakthrough solution of Elite 3.0 ski boot, designed for elite cross-country skiers and biathletes.

This is the only boot in the World Cup circuit without the use of PVC materials, which were replaced with more eco-friendly solutions.We believe that this is the path they want to continue and upgrade and They are glad that the talent of exceptional individuals, who participate in the Elite 3.0 project, has been recognized by others too.

The ALPINA R&D team is a creative meeting point of top engineers and experts from all sorts of fields. Their strong background in making shoes is updated with formal and scientific knowledge. Hours and hours of research and exploration of opportunities are profoundly changing the way shoes are produced, used, and perceived. This is why it’s possible for people of all ages to be introduced to shoes year after year that meet their wants and needs in exciting new ways.

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