Hiša Raduha

Chef: Martina Breznik

Opened in 1875, Hiša Raduha has been passed down through
generations, with it now being head chef Martina Breznik’s turn to
take the reins. Breznik places special emphasis on imaginative and
innovative approaches when crafting dishes, while also balancing a
deep admiration for tradition. The bountiful nature found right outside
Hiša Raduha, the exquisite dishes, and the option of staying overnight
at one of their guest rooms, makes Hiša Raduha an exclusive romantic
getaway. Raduha offers inclusive overnight stay packages that come
at a slightly expensive price, but the experience more than makes up
for it.


Luče 67 Luče

+386 3 838 40 00


13.5 / 20,4

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4.5 / 5

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