Gostišče Grič

Chef: Luka Košir

In the village of Šentjošt nad Horjulom is the delightful little inn called
Grič. Many places may claim the old ‘traditional food with a modern
twist’, but Grič certainly delivers on that promise. It all starts with Luka
Košir, one of the best young chefs in Slovenia, who earned his stripes
under the mentorship of the famed Janez Bratovž at JB Restaurant.
Everything used in their dishes is sourced locally, and the kitchen has
a strict zero waste philosophy, which is made easier by Luka's novel
techniques of fermentation. The emphasis here is on always fresh
seasonal dishes, so expect a completely different menu depending on
the time of year.


Šentjošt nad Horjulom 24d Horjul

+386 41 256 990


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