TOP Slovenia Interview: Divas vintage pre-loved


Investment pieces never get old

Make your closet full of cash. Bring Divas your beloved fashion items, or feel invested by buying that rare piece of something defining your next fashion statement.

You are a designer. You’ve shown your collection several times at Mercedes Benz fashion week Ljubljana. Do they posses a vintage flair? Or are they completely other story?

My collections are based and inspired on the concept of Slovene identity. They are inspired by history, culture and fabrics of our past, then manipulated to create a modern look for a modern woman.

Where do you sell your pieces?

My pieces are available in Zoofa, Breg 12 in Ljubljana or upon request. The pieces are all hand made in my atelier above Divas Vintage shop.

Why does the value of pre-owned clothes rapidly decrease when it should actually be growing, as it was loved more.

I believe the concept of buying pre-owned clothing whether Vintage or just preloved is far superior than having these garment exhausting our ability to dispose of them.

Where do you find/shop for rarities?

Always when I travel and surprisingly from individuals locally.

Vintage is great because it reminds today’s youths that everything is not disposable. How present do you think this way of thinking is in Ljubljana?

I’m glad to say that this mindset is taking hold in Ljubljana slowly but steadily. There is still some prejudice for the purchase of pre-loved clothes but this too is changing. We are happy to say that we now have many converts who believe our clothes “are real clothes at H&M prices” a quote from a French tourist. Tourist who visit the city and our shop are happy to find clothes of local origin which become a wearable souvenir from Ljubljana.