Startup Slovenia: Smart Optometry


Smart Optometry is a company developing digital solutions for eye care

It’s a group of people who understand that vision is crucial for our life. It’s a group of people who love making things that change people’s lives for the better. It’s a group of people that is determined that technological advancements should be used for good. 

It’s a group of people that refuses to believe that health is not accessible to everyone & everywhere. It’s a group of people that believes that together we can do better.

Smart Optometry Application

Smart Optometry™ application is an interactive smartphone and tablet application for eye screening and quick diagnosis. First of its kind – it provides eye-care practitioners with a simple to use, fast, precise and interactive experience.

Smart Optometry brings freshness and innovation to the eye-care profession. It promotes eye health, educates the public and motivates clients to collaborate effectively. Smart Optometry application includes 15 different standardized tests!

Smart Optometry app

AmblyoPlay Vision Therapy

Over 150 million children worldwide suffer from lazy eye, strabismus or convergence insufficiency. These issues significantly impact the quality of life – if nothing else, our school system delivers 80% of all knowledge through vision and if we don’t see well, we have limited access to this knowledge.

We were first made aware of the scope of this problem by our medical advisory board. They shared their key pain: once kids are diagnosed and start treatment, the success of this depends greatly on how committed and compliant they are when it comes to vision therapy homework: the vision therapy exercises they have to do at home. Key problem is that methods used nowadays were boring, unengaging and because of that – kids don’t like doing them.

AmblyoPlay Vision

AmblyoPlay Box

AmblyoPlay Box includes AmblyoPlay Glasses with red and blue filters are used to split the image each eye receives. Glasses from other providers are usually not working well enough with our software.

It also includes Activation Code which unlocks the software for a period of time you select upon purchase. AmblyoPlay is being sold online and at our partner clinics.

AmblyoPlay Box

Smart Optometry are people. They come from different backgrounds, have different experience, education and skills. But together, they work great, which is confirmed by more than 125,000 users of their solutions worldwide.


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