Rural wedding in Bohinj

Kraj in datum
22 julija 2023 - 22 julija 2023
19:00 - 23:30

Turistično društvo Bohinj

Spletna stran

Wedding as “in the old days”

The traditional event, the Rural Wedding, shows the old wedding customs, which which have been interwined over the centirues during wedding ceremonies. The play, staged by KUD Triglav Srednja vas, consist of three acts, which contain all the element of the traditional wedding ceremony, pranks, “šranga” and old Bohinj tales. The performers speak in the Bohinj dialect, and the event is accompanied by dancing and singing. The whole event is set in “Pod Skalco” in Ribčev Laz, just a stone’s throw away from the idyllic Lake Bohinj.

Because there is no real couple who would get married in the traditional way, the folklore group KUD Triglav Srednja vas will perform the rural weding play.

After the play, the party will continue with the ensemble  and good food.

Some dialogues from the play (translated in English):

“Peace be with your! May happiness accompany you all the way, all your life. Never forget that you are the descendants of an honest Bohinj family, you are hostile to every injustice, and you are not injust to anyone.” (the bride’s father wishes happines to the bride and groom)

“Well, take this wreath and say goodbye to the boys. Free years are after you, Lenka is stealing you. Give us another hand-shake, we wish you to have a warm bed. May the road be white and smooth ahead of you. Hooray to the bride and groom!” (“Mer”, groom’s best men, saying goodbye to the newlyweds)

Come and take a look at this unique event!

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