Medieval festivities

Kraj in datum

17 junija 2023 - 18 junija 2023
00:00 - 23:59


Spletna stran

In June, Slovenj Gradec traditionally transforms into the center of medieval festivities for two days. Visitors can engage in trading, haggling, and purchasing with original medieval coins from the former city mint at the medieval market. Food and drink are provided by the tavern “Pri merjascu,” where a diverse and delicious selection is promised. The best knightly groups from abroad will be guests, staging fierce knightly battles that will ignite sparks as in the olden days. Of course, we haven’t forgotten our youngest visitors, who can enjoy a ride on the medieval carousel, be entertained by puppet shows, marvel at the magic tricks of a medieval magician, have fun with court jesters, and try their hand at playing medieval games. Rumor has it that our medieval mead-maker is preparing a delightful surprise that should not be missed. Mouths will water, and taste buds will be pampered!

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