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With nearly a decade of experience publishing English language travel books, guides, maps and other media written exclusively by foreigners living in Slovenia, THE Slovenia International Publishing House is the #1 source of professionally-written travel and tourism information in this small green country on the sunny side of the Alps. The long-time producer of Slovenia’s In Your Pocket branded guides, in recent years THE Slovenia team has expanded its scope and now uses its local know-how to offer a wide-selection of books, maps, gifts, trips and more, both online and at its office on Miklošičeva Cesta 38 in the heart of Ljubljana.

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THE Slovenia
Miklošičeva cesta 38, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia 
Phone no.: +386 30 706 000
e-mail address: info@the-slovenia.com

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The people behind THE Slovenia and whose heart beat for Slovenia.


Niko Slavnič, director