A professional, independent and national selection of the best Slovenian restaurants.


Each year, The Slovenia Restaurant Awards undertakes comprehensive 3-tiered process in order to determine the very best restaurants in each of the country’s four constituent regions by STO definition. 

Step 1: an expert committee regularly meets throughout the year in order to conclusively determine participating restaurants for the following year, which range from 34-69 for each region and some 201 in total. 

Step 2: the full list of restaurants (201)  are voted on by selected members of the Gastronomic Academy, who select 5-10 restaurants from their home region, and 5-10 restaurants total from other regions. Time period: Februar 

Step 3: the voting is opened to the general public, who select from short-lists of finalists. Short list contains max. 20 restaurants per region. Each voter can give 10 votes. 

Step 4: Voting is calculated on a weighted basis, meaning that the Gastronomic Academy accounts for 75% of the total, while the general public accounts for the remaining 25%. 

Step 5: Professional services consultancy Deloitte is the office independent adjudication partner of The Slovenia Restaurant Awards, and is granted full access to the voting process and data, and performs certain procedures to confirm the integrity and authenticity of the voting process and the resulting list.


The expert committee with their professional qualifications and personal experience prepare a comprehensive list of restaurants, which offer high quality food and service and cater a superior culinary experience. Slovenia is divided into four regions; Alpine, Mediterranean & Karst, Thermal Pannonian and Ljubljana and Central Slovenia.  Each member of the expert committee must visit a restaurant they propose at least once in the last two years. On this basis the experts will form an assessment of “overall satisfaction” when visiting a restaurant.

#1 The restaurant must have been open for at least one year. Restaurants that were opened in 2018 will thus become candidates in 2020.

#2 The foods and beverages offered must be marked by diversity, quality of ingredients, presentation of dishes, consistency of flavours, innovation and appropriate coupling of food and drink.

#3 The level of service must be high, such as the greeting of guests, recommending of food and beverages, as well as the knowledge of the staff.

EXPERT Committee

The selection of restaurants is the result of the work of the best experts in the field of enogastronomy, ethnology and tourism in Slovenia. For this purpose, a so-called an expert committee consisting of dr. Janez Bogatajasst. dr. Aleš Gačnik, M.Sc. Helena Cvikl and editor-in-chief of international publishing houses InYourPocket and The Slovenia, Yuri Barron.

More about EXPERT Comeete ...


The Gastronomic Academy is comprised Slovenia’s top chefs, representatives of all participating restaurants, invited experts in the fields of gastronomy and food culture and members of the following partner associations: Slow Food Primorska, Slow Food Ljubljana, Slow Food Štajerska, Sommelier Master, Chaine des Rotisseurs, Vinski konvent sv. Urbana Ljubljana, Društvo vinskih svetovalcev Sommelier Slovenije, SloVino Sommelier Club, Društvo za razvoj pivske kulture Sommelier Slovenije, Vinski konvent sv. Urbana Portorož and OZS sekcija za gostinstvo in turizem. 


Founded in 1845, Deloitte has become one of the world’s foremost consulting services. As part of Deloitte’s broad portfolio, it works with companies in all areas of the licensed retail industry and has extensive experience in supporting decision-making services for many internationally recognized awards. It has a team dedicated to the hospitality sector that specializes in a comprehensive range of audit and consulting services, complemented by specific industry knowledge and leveraged expertise across the UK, Europe, USA and Asia. Deloitte has partnered with companies ranging from start-ups to FTSE-listed groups – and is proud to act as an independent selection judge for The Slovenia Restaurant Awards.