TOP 10 Slovene gift books in English


TOP 10 Slovene gift books in English

There’s no better way to learn about Slovenia than from the book, where the magnificent sweep of the country spreads out in front of you. This is particularly true for gifts – books are eternal gift.

1.The Slovenia Book

THE Slovenia Book is packed with tips and advice from our experienced foreign journalists who reside in the country. It doesn’t matter what type of trip you are going on, THE Slovenia Book is a great companion on any visit to Slovenia and is the perfect souvenir to take home with you.

The Slovenia Book

THE SLovenia book

2. JB Book

A book for the famous JB restaurant, a writing signed by chef Janez Bratovž himself. Apart from the recipes, the book reveals the ˝backstage˝ of the master’s work – each chapter is dedicated to a single ingredient that inspires the chef in creating unique dishes. The illustration on the book’s cover is also the work of chef Bratovž, and nicely encircles and combines both the story of the restaurant and the book.

JB Book

jb book janez bratovz cheef

3. Wild Cats of Piran

Europe’s most magical cats battle for their nine lives! In this first chronicle, the wild cats encounter the ghosts of Piran–and the wicked General Rat! Join the beautiful Queen Felicia, faithful warrior Dragan, and the feral feline family for nine tales of adventure and enchantment.

Wild Cats of Piran

Wild Cats of Piran

4. Extraordinary Slovenia

A wonderful book of records that takes pride in our wonders of nature and the achievements of technology.

Jeseničnik – Extraordinary Slovenia

5. THE Slovenia Wine

Award-winning vintages, eccentric winemakers, charming villages, castle wine tastings, fairy tale vineyard weddings, unforgettable tours and much more.

THE Slovenia Wine

THE Slovenia Wine

6. Slovenology

Slovenology is part memoir, part essay collection, part travel writing, and part guidebook. It is meant to act as a guide-in-hand while visiting Slovenia, but it can be read just as well from the comfort of your own home to give you a deep­er and more colorful sense of what it’s like to live in this remarkable, little-known country. Slovenology combines an outsider’s perspective with the af­fection and local knowledge of a long-term.


7. THE Slovenia Restaurants

THE Slovenia Restaurants: Top 163 features the very best in Slovenian dining, chefs and restaurants. We revealed the very best restaurants all over Slovenia in comprehensive guide to the best regional and national restaurants in Slovenia.

THE Slovenia Restaurants

the slovenia restaruarnts

8. Slovenia Cultural Heritage

Cultural heritage is a record of a people’s economic endeavours, social relations and creativity through history The essence of Slovenia lies in its diversity, cultural and otherwise, which is most tangibly represented by its cultural heritage. This book features 105 aspects of cultural heritage, presented with text and images, from man’s natural surroundings and living quarters, to social rituals and creative endeavours in a variety of media and fields.

Slovenia Cultural Heritage​

slovenia geritage

9. Slovenia wander to a Wonder

The collection of poems leads the naive tourist through the main Slovenian sights one by one. It is written in English, but it is not intended only for foreigners, as every Slovene who has a bit of sense in self-organization will be entertained. The poems lead us from the airport in Brnik to Bled, through the famous Slovene waterfalls to Triglav, along the Soča River, to the Postojna Cave, via Ljubljana to Styria, and then back again. To the sea. And to the realization that we often know the least about those things that we have in front of our noses.

Slovenia wander to a Wonder

slovenia wonder

10. Lonely Planet Slovenia

Lonely Planet Slovenia is your passport to the most relevant, up-to-date advice on what to see and skip, and what hidden discoveries await you. Stroll the leafy streets of Ljubljana, dive into the great outdoors at Lake Bled or sip some of the world’s best Merlot in Vipava; all with your trusted travel companion. 288 pages

Lonely Planet Slovenia

TOP 100 Slovenian Restaurants 2020

THE Slovenia Lakes

Products made with love in Slovenia

Products made with love in Slovenia