Gajševsko lake

The largest man-made lake in the area

Gajševsko jezero
46.533241, 16.120072
Gajševsko lake is situated near the village of Gajševci in the Pomurska region. It is the largest man-made lake in the area and is most popular amongst fishermen, who fish the its waters for enormous carp. The lake’s surroundings are home to a plethora of experiences.

A more than 3-kilometer footpath snakes around the lake and is continuously besieged by the loud chirping of different bird species. In the summertime, because of the constant gentle breeze, the lake is an excellent destination for windsurfers, and in winter for those who like to put on ice skates.

Gajševsko lake is also a location, where biker rallies are held – all under the organization of the local club of lovers of metal steeds.

When you take in all the lake, head toward ˝The Križevci park of experiences˝, which leads you down the Sensual path. Both adults and children alike can enjoy stationary machines for outdoor bodyweight exercises, as well as (re)discovering nature, which is made fun and by the nearby Gregorjev Matičnjak educational path, that meanders between endangered tree species of the Prlekija region. To bask in the sunset, return to the lake – the sight of the sun setting behind what seems to be endless fields of wheat is genuinely magical.

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