Trbojsko lake

Healing energetic points

46.198973, 14.405134

Trbojsko lake, also known as Mavško, Žerjavsko, Kranjsko lake or even Žagarjeva solza (the tear of Žagar), is a lake, dedicated to the romantic soul. It came to be, while the hydroelectric plant Mavčiče was built on the river Sava when the river was dammed off. The lake is up to 17 meters deep and is considered one of the ten largest lakes in the country, with the surface area of one square kilometer.

You will not be able to take a footpath around the lake, but you can still indulge in some sporting activities with stand-up paddling (SUP). Trbojsko lake is truly a paradise for the entire SUP loving family. The calm surface is also suitable for beginners, and even if you fall into the water, you will get nicely refreshed.

You can paddle or row a small boat up to the Zarica gorge, which is almost a kilometer long and gives the impression that the river Sava before it was dammed off, must have been uniquely uncompromising on the surrounding rockfaces. The gorge is partially flooded, but the vertical, overhanging cliffs are still some 20m high. Once rapids, groves and gravel pits are now covered with the lakes’ waters and are home to numerous species of waterfowl, the most famous one being Veliki žagar, a rare species of wild duck, whose only known nesting grounds in the whole country is the banks of this lake. Some species nest here throughout the year, others come to the lake in wintertime; still, others only come for a short break before continuing on their way.

Fishing enthusiasts will especially enjoy the lake, but to indulge in fishing, you have to get your hands on a fishing permit, which is easily bought in the boathouse or the more numerous fishing cottages.

When visiting the lake, stop by the famous Čolnarna Trboje boathouse, where you can spoil yourself with delicious sweets, famous freshly picked strawberries, and beautiful views of the lake. You can also rent a SUP (stand-up paddle) board, or make a romantic picnic on the lakes’ shores.

Healing energetic points have also been discovered next to the lake. The four locations, where you can experience healing energies, are equipped with signs with all the relevant information – which point is meant for healing which body part or area and for how long it is suggested you stay at each location. The first point represents unconditional love, the second focused intent, the third sensitivity, and the last strength and power.

Source: THE Slovenia Lakes

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