Petelinje lake – The lake on SKI slope

Petelinje lake / lake Pungart, Kope

46.506729, 15.206706

Petelinje lake, also named accumulation lake Pungart, is located on Kope, a famous ski resort in the region of Koroška, close to Slovenj Gradec. It got its name from a species of wild rooster, that lives in the vicinity.

The lake was conceived for producing artificial snow, but in the summertime, its banks turn into a beach with inviting wooden loungers. Bathing is, sadly, not allowed. When I visited, it was enveloped in thick fog, which gave the lake a mysterious and beautiful atmosphere.

Kope is full of life, an excellent summer destination, offering a whole plethora of experiences for families, as well as sports enthusiasts. The kids are going to enjoy little Holzer’s fairytale land, a new playground, and a smaller size zoo, comprising of 15 different species of animals. Sports lovers have at their disposal a beach volleyball and soccer pitches, and a bike park.

Lakes on SKI slopes

3 lakes, designed for aiding in the production of artificial snow, have a completely different role in the summer months. They become a popular place for family picnics, lying on loungers, stand-up paddling (SUPing), and enjoying the panoramic views.

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Produkti narejeni z ljubeznijo v Sloveniji

Produkti narejeni z ljubeznijo v Sloveniji