Bukovniško lake

Energy par with 26 marked energetic points

46.672803, 16.336582
Bukovniško lake lies in the middle of a forest of chestnut and beech. It is a real gem of Pomurje, for it offers a plethora of options for resting, hiking, biking, picnics in nature, playtime for children, organizing activities in the cabin, fishing and gathering life’s vital energies. Discover its numerous tales of wonder.

When driving up to the lake itself, you will first encounter a modern parking space for campers and recreational vehicles, a luncheonette and a tourist office, where the kind employees will arm you with any information you might desire, as well as with a distinctly rich offer of souvenirs of Prekmurje.

A one-day trip in the vicinity of Bukovniško lake

You can begin by walking around the lake on the roughly two-kilometer long educational trail and learn about the lake with the help of 6 informational panels. You can stop at the famous chapel of st. Vitus, which has a spring nearby which carries the same name. The spring is recognized as a soothing and healing power, a belief which has permeated the local lands for a long time. According to oral tradition, the waters of the spring of st. Vitus, have improved sight and in some cases, even cured blindness.

Near the chapel and the spring stands an ˝energy park˝ with 26 marked energetic points, which replenish your body and soul. Experts in dowsing have discovered a crossing of so-called dragon lines in the vicinity of the lake, more precisely in the exact place where the chapel stands today. The area is a known pilgrimage site, with the majority of pilgrims visiting the chapel on June 15th, the day of st. Vitus’ name day.

When you are filled up with divine energy, cross the wooden ˝Bridge of Love˝, which will lead you to the lake’s shores. Stop by one of the cottages for a snack, then continue onwards towards four characters made out of wood – each one with its own mission:

The fairy Rusalka cares for the good of the people, the fairy Orhideja preserves the plant world, the gnome Blagodejnik keeps st. Vitus’ chapel safe, and the frog king Jezernik protects the animals, which live on the lake’s shores.

Bathing in the lake is not frequent, but when no fishermen are sitting on its shores, the lake’s waters can be incredibly soothing and cooling.

You can end your visit with a trip to the adventure park, where your glands can secrete copious amounts of adrenaline on five different climbing routes.

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