TOP 10 SLOvenian Dishes

1. Belokranjska pogača - Bela Krajina Flat Bread

Belokranjska pogača is a delicious savoury round flat cake and has recently been granted the European Union’s Traditional Specialty Guaranteed designation. Before it is baked, it is coated with egg, cumin seeds and salt. Served warm, it is similar in taste to freshly baked bread.

2. Blejska kremšnita - Bled Cream Cake

What isn’t there to like about a cream cake that is the symbol of a town? Bled Cream Cake, or Kremšnita in Slovenian, has been served since 1953, and is a veritable orgy of flaky crust, whipped cream, icing sugar and vanilla custard that is made using a recipe from the early 20th century.

3. Idrijski Žlikrofi - Idrija-style Žlikrofi

Idrija is famous for many things, and since the middle of the 19th century one of these things has been Idrijski Žlikrofi. Žlikrofi are little pasta pockets, often filled with potato, bacon, onions and spices, and are served with various sauces. Idrija’s famous dumplings gained protected status in 2010, the first Slovenian speciality to do so.

4. Kranjska klobasa - Kranjska Sausage

This heavily smoked sausage is traditionally eaten with mustard, horseradish, bread, sauerkraut and fermented turnip. First mentioned in writing in 1896, legend has it that Emperor Franz Josef once famously proclaimed that it is ‘no ordinary sausage’, and we tend to agree.

5. Prekmurska Gib anica - Prekmurje Layered Pastry

A layered pastry traditionally filled with apples, poppy seeds, walnuts, cottage cheese and sometimes raisins. Originating out of the Prekmurje region, this dish is often thought to be a national culinary speciality and is often served at festive occasions. Due to its uniqueness, it has received the EU’s Traditional Speciality Guaranteed designation.

6. Slovenska Potica - Slovene Potica

A traditional nut-based dessert eaten during most holidays, potica is baked using a round baking dish called a ˝potičniku˝. A dish with a long history and tradition in Slovenia, its first written mention was in 1575 and the first recorded recipe was written in 1689. Each region prepares potica slightly differently resulting in over 120 different fillings for both sweet and savoury potica.

7. Soška postrv - Soča River Trout

Slovenia’s coast is full of excellent fresh fish, but it is possibly the gorgeous Soča valley and Bohinj lake that provide the tastiest. River trout from the Soča valley are wonderfully prepared in a variety of ways, including being fried covered in buckwheat or corn flour, and being prepared with pršut and cherries.

8. Šelinka - Celery Hot Pot

Delicious, hearty stews or thick soups made from celery, beans, rice, potato and sometimes meat, are popular all over Slovenia. Šelinka, however, is traditional to Kras and Vipava Valley. A spoonful of dry wine or vinegar is added, which adds some acidity and sours the stew. This dish is perfect for Slovenia’s cold winters.

9. Skutni štruklji – Curd Cheese Štruklji

Known all over Slovenia, štruklji is made from different kinds of dough and over 100 different sweet and savoury fillings, with the most popular being cottage cheese. Štruklji is often made for festive occasions and is finished by either boiling, baking, frying or steaming this delicious doughy dessert.

10. Zgornjesavinjski Želodec - Stuffed Pig´s Stomach

A cured meat cold cut made from chopped pork thighs, shoulders and bacon that is then stuffed into a pig’s stomach and bladder. The meat is then left to dry for 5 – 6 months. Some claim that when King George VI visited the Logar Valley, he ate zgornjesavinjski želodec and enjoyed it so much that he occasionally asked for it to be sent to his court.

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