Russian Dacha brand with new Caviar and Champagne

Russian Dacha brand strenghtened with boutique selection

Russian Dacha a beautifully restored suburban villa, which is listed as protected cultural heritage, is a powerful, intriguing story in itself. Due to its architectural peculiarity, the villa is an unusual, but due to its interior and furnishings, probably the most authentic preserved symbol of Slovenian bourgeois life at the beginning of the 20th century. Developing the Russian Dacha brand includes in its strategic design unique, boutique services, such as the possibility of renting a royal Rolls Royce limousine or traveling in small groups to inspirational places. Villa is also available for rental, sleeping up to six people.

Today, Russian Dacha unveiled the first two products of its culinary line, which reinforce the boutique orientation of the brand. These are top quality products, and both are in their category the first to carry a Slovenian brand. Caviar and champagne.

Russian Dacha caviar

When mentioning Russian cuisine and its specialties, caviar is one of the first dishes that comes to mind. Probably because in the 19th century, caviar found its way to the tables of wealthy Europeans from Russia, even though the ancient Greeks and Romans already knew this specialty.

True caviar – one that may be officially called so – is derived from sturgeon family of fish. For the best culinary experiance, Russian Dacha has selected for its brand, a caviar of Russian sturgeon (Acipenser gueldenstaedtii), which is considered to be the most traditional among the top caviars and among the connoisseurs one of the most revered. It is the first true caviar carrying a Slovenian brand. For Russian Dacha it is supplied by a renowned Italian manufacturer Caviar Giaveri.

Caviar is best eaten on toasted bread with butter. According to Russian tradition, a well-chilled caviar is eaten on warm blini (блины), small thick pancakes, with some crème fraîche.

Russian Dacha caviar almost dissolves in the mouth and there is a real ritual how to properly put it on the table. Due to being slightly salted it keeps quite well, but the taste  can be  spoiled by contact with any metal. That is why there are special caviar spoons, made of wood, bone, and in the most luxurious version from mother-of-pearl.

For the caviar to have the right temperature on the table, special – and decorative – containers are use. A container filled with ice carries a covered, glass or porcelain dish with the caviar. Add a mother-of-pearl spoon and a glass of champagne and an imperial feast is ready.

Champagne Russian Dacha - Vilmart & Cie Grand Cellier

Champagne is the best and most famous sparkling wine. It comes from Champagne, the most recognizable wine region in the world for sparkling wines. Only sparkling wines from this region of France that are prepared solely and only by the traditional champagne method, may be called champagne.

Champagne can be enjoyed all day long – from seven in the morning untill one at night. This is the privilege of the most prestigeous drink in the world. After drinking real champagne, produced by the traditional method composed of grape varieties pinot noir, pinot meunier and chardonnay, there are no headaches. Chardonnay takes care of the finesse, pinot noir for structure, pinot meunier for fruitiness. The grapes must be harvested by hand.

Champagne Russian Dacha comes from excellent vineyards with the premier cru label, from the house of Vilmart & Cie, off the slopes of the village of Rilly la Montagne in Champagne.

At the Vilmart & Cie, which is one of the houses with prestigious Récoltant Manipulant status, they have been producing champagne since 1890, when private manufacturers were much rarer than they are today. Laurent Champs, the current owner, represents the fifth generation. In the World encyclopedia of Champagne and Sparkling Wine, the author Tom Stevenson, worldwide authority on champagnes, awarded 90 points out of 100 to Vilmart & Cie and identified them as good value. He dedicated a whole page to Vilmart & Cie. For example, Croatia is mentioned only in a paragraph, and Slovenia is described on four pages. The house achieved the highest level of certification for sustainable viticulture.

Champagne Russian Dacha Vilmart & Cie Grand Cellier is the first champagne under a Slovenian brand. Russian Dacha invited the wine expert Robert Gorjak to select a champagne, that best reflects the excellence and sophisticated character of the Russian Dacha. Among several samples, the choise was made on the one which offered great quality and the best match for the caviar,  reasonable price and its own personality. Champagne Russian Dacha Vilmart & Cie Grand Cellier, offers it all.

The base vintage of the current bottling is the year 2015, with some addition from the 2013 and 2014  reserve vintage. Grand Cellier champagne is described by the authors as “bold elegance”.

Champagne Russian Dacha impresses with full body and exceptional color. Together with the Russian Dacha caviar they create a unique harmony of taste for the enjoyment of all senses.

Orders and any additional information about the products of the Russian Dacha brand can be requested by e-mail: butik@ruska-daca.si.

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