GREDIČ CASTLE, Dobrovo in Goriška Brda

Gredič Castle will draw your eyes from far away. A wonderful small castle, which is the entire village got its name, stands on the edge of the Goriška Brda with a unique view of the surrounding vineyards.

Gradič will undoubtedly enchant you with a sophisticated interweaving of modern and traditional. Full Castle comfort is complemented by a first-class restaurant and a spectacular and well-stocked wine cellar. The impressive villa was built around 400 years ago and was completely renovated in 2012, while preserving its historical charm.

For the cuisine is characterised by its creativity while intertwining Mediterranean and continental tastes and paying special attention to local and seasonal ingredients. Vinothèque includes unique wines of Goriška Brda the most significant and unique wine makers of this rich and diverse region. Taste the most interesting and exciting wines in their infinite selection.

The culinary delights with the splendid panorama of Brda and the comfortable ambience of Gredič will make your visit to the restaurant a unique experience, whatever the time of year.

Gredič is an idyllic spot to either spend your holidays and enjoy a romantic dinner, or for hosting a variety of events. It has an easily accessible location and offers an intimate stay. The 7 rooms and suites offer plenty of privacy, tranquillity and comfort in a phenomenal ambience.

Gredič is destined to reflect all the characteristics of the area. It is set in a region with a rich wine and culinary tradition as well as a unique climate with its mix of Alpine and Mediterranean influences. Its gaze is fixed on the sea to the south, its back is strengthened by the hills of Brda and the snow-capped Alps in the distance.