Gostilna Rajh

In Murska Sobota, a city in northeastern Slovenia, lies a small, elegant family restaurant. With their recent renovations, Gostilna Rajh’s interior is now also a medley of both traditional Slovene and modern, with wooden panels and one glass wall having black silhouettes of pigs printed on it. They are popular with both locals and gourmet lovers, reflecting their achievement of weaving new innovative approaches with their rich heritage.

Passed down through four generations of the Rajh family, Gostilna Rajh has managed to maintain their tradition and passion for food. Truly a family endeavour, the family’s grandparents are still involved in the restaurant, with both the grandmother’s and mother’s traditional Slovene recipes still lovingly being used today. A younger generation, the two now-grown grandchildren, Valentina and Leon, have also incorporated modern culinary trends into their homely and traditional cuisine, producing some fantastic dishes. Gostilna Rajh prides itself on using locally grown products to ensure that both their traditional and revamped dishes are sophisticated and delicious.

Their dishes include, among others, carpaccio from goose breast, tagliatelle with wild mushrooms from Goričke and herbs, chocolate souffle with blackcurrant ice cream, and pumpkin cake with raspberries. Gostilna Rajh is also a member of the (JRE) and Chaîne des Rôtisseurs.

With the option of taking dishes and their delicacies like their homemade pumpkin butter (bučno maslo) away, ensuring that you can enjoy their meals anywhere, Gostilna Rajh is one to watch.


Bakovci, Soboška ulica 32, 9000 Murska Sobota

+386 2 543 90 98, info@rajh.si, www.rajh.si

Chef: Leon Pintarič, Sommelier: Damir Pintarič

Cuisine: traditional Slovenian

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