Top 10 Startups Slovenia

Best Startups from Slovenia


Now offi cially based in Luxembourg, Slovenia-founded Bitstamp is currently the world’s second largest bitcoin exchange by volume. In April 2016 the company became the fi rst bitcoin exchange to receive a regulatory licence to trade in all 28 EU member states.


Founded in 2006, Celtra is one of Slovenia’s most successful startups and now has offi ces around the world, including New York, London, Tokyo and its offi cial headquarters in Boston. The company is a market leader with its platform for creating, tracking and optimising mobile ads.


Gone are the days of having to be in the right time and place. Cofound helps startup companies fi nd the most qualifi ed investors and experts all over the world, and vice versa. Cofound, itself, became one of the most successful crowdfunded projects ever when it raised nearly $15 million in less than three days.


Known primarily for its award-winning Leaf health tracker, Bellabeat has managed to successfully merge Slovene design aesthetics with cutting edge technology to produce a bestseller that has been raved about on the pages of Wired, Forbes, Cosmopolitan and countless other publications.


Iconomi aims to help anyone – from complete novices to experts – invest and manage their digital assets, thus making the new economy more open and accessible than it has ever been before. Iconomi currently has an offi ce in the center of Ljubljana.


Winner of the prestigious Techcrunch Startup Battlefi eld in 2013, with its underlying technology Layer aims to become a universal platform for communication (voice, messaging, video) between apps. Founded by ex-Vox.io CEO Tomaž Štolfa, it’s now based in San Francisco.


Lyst partners with some of the world’s greatest fashion designers to bring the entire world of fashion to one convenient place. More than just a website, they also use some clever technology to create personal shopping experiences for each of their users.


Providing an innovative technical solution to meet the printing needs of businesses, Optiprint enables worry-free printing for customers, as well as printing in high-quality colour for the price of black and white. In recent years they’ve quickly expanded abroad through franchising.


With university students accounting for more than one-fi fth of Ljubljana’s entire population, it should come as no surprise that this leading site for facilitating accommodation, something of an AirBnB for students, has its roots in Slovenia.

Urban Mining Company

Founded in 2014, Urban Mining Company specializes in recycling Nd-Fe-B magnets (the strongest commercial permanent magnets) in a clean and energy effi cient way. The magnets are currently being used in a variety areas, including defense, clean energy, medicine and are also used industrially.

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Top 10 Startups Slovenia

Best Startups from Slovenia Bitstamp Now offi cially based in Luxembourg, Slovenia-founded Bitstamp is currently the world’s second largest bitcoin …

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