The Best European School Ljubljana / Slovenia

Educating aged 6 to 18

The European School Ljubljana, the only school in Slovenia implementing the European Schools international programme, was established in January 2018 by the Government of the Republic of Slovenia. It is run as a part of the Ljubljana School Centre with 100 years of tradition.

Education at the European School Ljubljana will be conducted in a culturally and linguistically rich environment ensuring international recognition and a smooth transition to national education systems and other European Schools in the European Union.  A regular quality assessment performed by the national and European inspectors assures high quality schooling.

The European School Ljubljana programme is designed in a way that enables pupils a continuous schooling from the age of 6 to 18. Pupils finish education with the European Baccalaureate (EB) ensuring high standards of knowledge and enrolment to any university in the European Union.

The European School Ljubljana differs from other international schools operating in Slovenia in its in-depth learning of foreign languages. Part of our programme will be run in the pupil’s first foreign language (English, French or German) already from the first year of the primary level. The development of every pupil’s potentials will be individually monitored.

Ljubljana School Center
European School Ljubljana
web: https://eslj.sclj.si/en
Aškerčeva cesta 1, 1000 Ljubljana, Slovenia

e-mail: solski-center.lj@guest.arnes.si
tel.: +386 1 2411 626

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