Top 100 richest Slovenes

The wealthiest Slovenes of 2018

The magazine Finance has, like every year, published the list of the 100 wealthiest Slovenes. The top of the list is comprised of the same names as last year, even though the total estimated net worth, has again grown by a certain margin. What are the changes on the list of the top 100 wealthiest Slovenes?

Almost no changes on the top

Iza and Samo Login still occupy the very top of the list of the wealthiest Slovenes, the founders of the company Outfit7, which is most known for its mobile application ˝Talking Tom˝. Last year, they decided to sell the company to the United Luck Group Holding, a Chinese enterprise. They stated that they channeled the entirety of the funds procured by the sale, into the Login5 Foundation, a family foundation, whose primary mission is researching potential solutions for sustainable food production all across the world. The value of their wealth is estimated to be around 689 million euros.

The second place on the list is a familiar name – Sandi Češko, who is the owner of 55% of Studio Moderna. This multinational company has business ties in 21 countries and boasts more than 7 thousand retail stores. Its main business activities are television and internet sales, combined with sales in brick and mortar stores. Češko’s wealth is estimated to be in the vicinity of 334 million euros.

In third place is Marko Pistotnik, the owner of an 18,45% stake in the before mentioned Outfit7 – his wealth is estimated to be around 210 million euros.

Joc Pečečnik, the 90% owner of the paternal company of the group Interblock, still occupies the fourth spot on the list, in the fifth place is the couple Tatjana and Albin Doberšek with 183 million euros of wealth. The Lah family has risen by four places on the list, as the value of their wealth has risen by 38% when compared to last year, and is now estimated at 152 million euros. Igor Akrapovič still occupies the seventh spot of the list.

The biggest jumps in TOP 100 richest Slovenes

One of the biggest surprises of this year’s list of top wealthiest Slovenes is Boštjan Bandelj, who has risen by an astounding 58 places since last year, and now occupies the 37. spot. He is the founder and director of Belektron, a company in the business of trading carbon emission coupons. These are permits, issued by the EU, for companies emitting carbon dioxide into the atmosphere.

Veterinarian Rok Špruk is indirectly, through the companies Svila IN and RŠ naložbe, the owner of the company Tekstina from Ajdovščina. In comparison with last year’s results, he tumbled by 54 places and occupies the penultimate place on this year’s list. The value of his wealth is estimated to be around 24,4 million euros.

Ivan Kralj was, until last year’s December, the owner, and director of the Arex arms company. Since last year he has risen by 55 places on the list of the wealthiest Slovenes. Currently, the estimated value of his wealth is 31,5 million euros.

The total value of the wealth of 100 wealthiest Slovenes

The estimated total value of the wealth of the 100 wealthiest Slovenes in 2019 has when compared to last year, again risen from 5,2 billion to 5,7 billion euros. The entry amount of the list has risen by approximately 19 percent, which equates to 24,2 million euros. In 2007, when the magazine Finance published the list of 100 wealthiest Slovenes for the first time, the estimated total value of all participants was estimated to be around 2,3 billion euros.

As an interesting fact, we can mention, that the estimated total value of the 100 wealthiest Slovenes, accounts for about one-twentieth of the wealth of the wealthiest earthling, Jeff Bezos, the founder of Amazon.

Source: Manager magazine

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