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Berryshka liqueurs – Miniature bottle


A unique collection of six Berryshka spirit and liqueur flavours in 50ml miniatures elegantly packed for an ideal gift.

Just right to excite.

Aronia liqueur, blueberry liqueur, blackberry liqueur, Brin gin, cherry liqueur or London gin.

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Sensual, bewitching and tender, this classic gin, produced using only the finest botanicals available, is full of tenderness and adventure. The only internationally recognised Slovenian gin. Made in accordance with the age old tradition for London Gin using the finest forest botanicals. Use to create a refreshing legendary Gin and Tonic, Tom Collins or Berryshka Summer Time cocktail.

Ingredients: Alcohol │Juniper berries │Angelica | Iris | Cinnamon | Liquorice | Cardamom | Anise | Cumin | Lemon | Coriander | Natural spring water

Alcohol,  40%,  Size 50ml


Made of sweet juice of Slovenian cherries, cherry liqueur is a drink of youthful joy and sunny summer days. A mix of the red fruit and spring water of Kočevski Rog.

Ingredients: Concentrated cherry juice│Sugar│Alcohol│Aromas│Natural spring water Alcohol 14,5%, Size 50ml


The drink is an exceptional mixture of Juniper Brandy and nine herbs and spices. It makes one taste a lot of juniper, but it leaves a hint of an amazing selection of herbs and spices, that awaken interest of your taste buds.

Think of spring sunshine and raindrops on beautiful flower blossoms. Taste the adventure of the forest and freshness of a clear spring water

Ingredients: Juniper berry distillate │Juniper berries │Angelica| Iris | Cinnamon | Liquorice | Cardamon | Anise | Cumin | Lemon | Coriander | Natural spring water

Alcohol  40%, Size 50ml


Different, but yet tasteful liqueur full of enchantment and sweet smell of blueberries. Unforgettable adventure of Kočevski Rog rainforests with a hint of teran wine.

Ingredients: Concentrated blueberry juice│ Wine│Sugar│Alcohol│Aromas│Natural spring water

Alcohol 20%, size 50ml


Blackberry liqueur Berryshka is a mixture of alcohol and most tasteful blackberry juice, with which the fruit can really stand out. Once you take a sip of it, your senses are taken to the breath-taking ancient forest of Kočevski Rog and hills full of blackberries.

Ingredients Concentrated blackberry juice│Sugar│Alcohol│Aromas│Natural spring water

Alcohol 20%, size 50ml


Queen of the northern plains, a drink of youthful magic and power. Aronia liqueur combines sweetness and tenderness with tartness of the fruit with only 14,5% of alcohol.

Prepare for a wild adventure!

Ingredients: Concentrated aronia juice│Sugar │Alcohol│Aromas│Natural spring water – Alcohol 14,5%, size 50ml

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