Eva Štravs Podlogar

Director General of the Tourism and Internationalisation Directorate

 After long-serving as the director of tourism in her hometown of Bled, which also happens to be Slovenia’s top tourist destination, Ms Štravs
was appointed as the director general of the Tourism and Internationalisation Directorate within the Ministry of Economic Development and Technology in 2015 (or as we like to call it, the TID at the MEDT).

Ajša Vodnik

Executive Director of AmCham Slovenia

Ms Vodnik worked in media for 14 years, first as a journalist, then as editor-at-large and TV host, and went on to launch the Slovene TV
station Paprika when she was just 29.



Danica Purg

President of the IEDC-Bled School of

As the pioneer of an innovative approach in the art and leadership education process, IEDC-Bled School of Management encourages business leaders to act as competent and ethically responsible transformational leaders in their organisations and society at large.



Iztok Altbauer

Director of the Slovenian Spa Association

With its none-more-enviable geographical position and geological diversity, it should come as no surprise that Slovenia has a rich tapestry of spas attracting huge numbers of visitors every year.

Darko Brlek

Director of the Ljubljana Festival

Born in Ptuj in 1964, Darko Brlek has spent most of his life in the Slovenian capital Ljubljana. In 1988, he graduated from the Academy of Music in Ljubljana before going on to perfect his knowledge at the University of Music and Performing Arts in Graz, Austria.


Dušan Zorko

CEO of Pivovarna Laško Union

As both Chairman and CEO of Pivovarna Laško Union – the company that from July 2016 unites Pivovarna Union (founded in 1825) and Pivovarna Laško (founded in 1864) as a part of Heineken.


Dejan Roljič

Founder & CEO of ABC Accelerator

ABC is an acceleration engine that pushes new businesses and startups to greater heights, connecting them with industry-specific partners, investors and mentors. Positioned at the centre of the rapidly developing Slovenian startup ecosystem, it represents an important hub in the startup ecosystem of Southeast Europe, of which Slovenia is the most developed part. 

Boris Košuta

President of the Professional Golfers’ Association of Slovenia

They say golf is a gentleman’s game, as the absence of officials makes the prospect of cheating harder to resist, and much depends on the etiquette expected from the players. 

Dr. Janez Bogataj

Slovene ethnologist extraordinaire

Dr Janez Bogataj is one of the world’s foremost experts on Slovene ethnology, with a special focus on the country’s culinary history
and modern trends.



Otmar Zorn

Slovene businessman & investor

A constant fixture of the Slovene business landscape since the mid-1970s, for the past four decades Otmar Zorn has held various positions at a wide variety of companies in Slovenia, including director of planning, organisation, information technology and business systems.

Darrel Joseph

Distinguished wine journalist and competition judge

Darrel Joseph is an American-born international wine writer, judge and lecturer living in Vienna, Austria. He specialises in the wine regions of Central, Eastern and Southeastern Europe, including Austria, Hungary, Slovenia, Croatia and many Balkan countries.

Matthew Charlesworth

The yeast whisperer

While the mass-produced domestic brands Laško and Union still dominate the Slovenian beer market, over the past few years there has a been a noticeable increase in variety at both pubs and retail shops around Ljubljana.