Located in a two-hundred year old house below the parish church in the centre of Bizeljsko.


Šekoranja is an honest-to-goodness Slovene institution, as can be attested to by the decades of awards and faded photos of celebrity guests that line the walls – the most prized of which includes a smiling President Tito accompanied by a young Italian actress called Sophia Loren.

The stellar reputation of the traditionally prepared home-made food is much deserved, and the old-fashioned country inn atmosphere is something that can’t be faked. All-in-all it’s truly one of the must-visit restaurants in Posavje.

Contact: Gostilna Šekoranja, Bizeljska cesta 72, 8259 Bizeljsko, Opening Hours: 07:00–22_00 (Tue–Sun/tor–ned), More info: gostilna.sekoranja@gmail.com, +386 7 495 13 10, FB: Gostilna Šekoranja , Chef: Marko Šekoranj.

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Written by: Yuri Barron, Richard Scho eld, Will Dunn, John Bills, James Cosier, Clare L. Charlesworth, Edited by Jana Studen