TOP Books about Slovenia


Explore the beauty of Slovenia through our list of top books about Slovenia.

BEST SELLER: THE Slovenia book Top 100 Destinations EXPO Limited Edition

This new edition of THE Slovenia Book is packed with tips and advice from our experienced foreign journalists who reside in the country. It doesn’t matter what type of trip you are going on, THE Slovenia Book is a great companion on any visit to Slovenia and is the perfect souvenir to take home with you.

We updated the format, changed the pictures, updated the interviews and checked all the data.

THE Ljubljana Book

From the same team that’s been publishing Slovenia´s acclaimed In Your Pocket city and regional guides since 2008 and authors of the best-selling THE Slovenia Book, we are proud to present THE Ljubljana Book. Get the best of the beautiful Slovene capital in one elegant package!

THE Slovenia Lakes

The book is a most genuine book about lakes. It is not a tourist guide, more a long poem for the lakes. It is written in Slovene and English language on close to 300 pages.

Welcome to Slovenia – a country of lakes

The book is the most profound and unique ode to Slovenia lakes. Written by Manca Korelc, a Slovenian girl who decided to visit all Slovenian lakes by bike. Inspired by thousands of lakes all over the country Manca carefully selected 101 lakes, that every Slovenian should visit. By the end of reading the book, you will know everything about the Slovenian lakes (and a little bit about Manca) and will be encouraged to explore them all.

THE Slovenia Book Woman`s edition

Not only does this hardcover special edition showcase how beautifully diverse our country is, the Top 100 Women Limited Edition brings you 15 exclusive interviews and features from some of Slovenia´s most influential women today. These women are: Ajša VodnikAna Roš, Danica Purg, Irena Kos, Iza Login, Jerca Legan Cvikl, Katarina Čas, Ksenja Benedetti, Laura Unuk, Maja Mikek, Maja Pak, Marta Kos, Mateja Benedetti, Sonja Šmuc and Uršula Cetinski.

THE Slovenia Wine: Top 125 Experiences

Award-winning vintages, eccentric winemakers, charming villages, castle wine tastings, fairy tale vineyard weddings, unforgettable tours and much more.

After spending nearly a decade tasting wine and visiting unique destinations across all of Slovenia’s 3 wine regions and 9 wine districts, we’re finally putting all of our favourite wine-related experiences together in one convenient book. While there are no shortage of internationally acclaimed, award-winning producers in Slovenia, the book is not being written for professional sommeliers or other experts, but for those visitors who would enjoy spending a day, weekend or longer holiday visiting picturesque hilltop villages surrounded by vineyards, meeting (often eccentric) winemakers, listening to stories of Slovenia’s centuries-old wine traditions, attending one of the countless wine-related events, savouring a perfect slow food meal with perfectly paired wines, and generally just enjoying themselves by experiencing all that the country’s wine regions have to offer.

THE Slovenia restaurants – TOP 201

THE Slovenia Restaurants features the very best in Slovenian dining, chefs and restaurants. We revealed the very best restaurants all over Slovenia in comprehensive guide to the best regional and national restaurants in Slovenia.

We have prepared a selection and a comprehensive guide to the best restaurants in Slovenia for 2019. All 201 restaurants, the very best that Slovenia offers, are presented in the book, which also offers ideas for business lunches, snacks on a Saturday trip, or dinners on a special occasions – in both Slovene and English.