Festival Velenje – Avgust 2019

Summer Cultural Events In Velenje

Organised and coordinated by Festival Velenje the festival runs a very diverse program featuring music concerts, film screenings, theatre plays, child oriented programs and more. It lasts throughout the summer months, from end of June untill September.

Festival Velenje – July 2019

2. 8., 21:00, in front of the Culture House Velenje

Jeannette is a band full of enthusiasts thrilled about french chansons, swing and blues. Their desire is to create a seductive dance atmosphere, that easily crawls under your skin.

9. 8., 21:00, in front of the Culture House Velenje

GB Quartet’s repertoire consists mainly of world music and well-known musical pieces, but brings a unique twist with Bojčevski’s original ethno-jazz inspired arrangements. Balkan Nuevo at its best.

13. 8., 20:00, atrium of Velenje Gallery

Handmade music from Vienna: Square Waltz spices up world-famous tunes from Austria’s imperial musical heritage, driven by the heartbeat of the rhythms of this world. Their original compositions are influenced by jazz and folk music and topped with burning improvisations.

14. 8., 20:30, atrium of Velenje castle

Rudi Bučar is a musician who introduced Istrian traditional music into the Slovenian mainstream pop. His research and enthusiasm in collecting old Istrian folk songs his research led to the creation of his solo albums and the current band accompanying him – Istrabend. Folk music staying alive!

16. 8., 21:00, in front of the Culture House Velenje

Speaking of strong Slavic spirit within the band’s original music enthused with different traditions, Brencl banda’s music seems inspired by a sheet music for some ancestors’ tunes taken from the attic. Brencl banda was formed in Bistrica ob Sotli, a settlement of strong musical heritage.

20.–22. 8., 19:00, Vila Bianca and Culture House Velenje

31. Zither festival: Trio Tschejefem, Austria and Ljoba Jenče &Tomaž Plahutnik, Slovenia; 7. Slovenian zither festival (Slovenian zither players that play only Slovenian zither music)

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