Online events during quarantine in Slovenia


When it comes to events, Slovenia offers a diverse selection, from world-class opera, ballet and classical music performances to cutting edge underground concerts and exhibitions, webinars and everything in between.

Most cultural institutions, theatres, galleries, movie theatres, museums, DJs and different art collectives have started streaming their live shows online or opening up their archives, so you can enjoy them from the comfort or discomfort of your own home.

Stay smart

The Slovenia organizes weekly webinars with interesting topics and keynote speakers, which will teach you a thing or two about gastronomy, tourism, technology and so much more. Make sure you join us.

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In case you missed some of the webinars from Lisac & Lisac, you can watch them here.

Take a virtual walkthrough Slovenia

On the website of Slovenian Tourist Board, you will be able to find new and fresh content for both foreign and domestic Slovenia enthusiasts. With virtual technology, take a stroll through the crystal clear waters, soak up the beauty of the views from the mighty peaks or peek into the mysterious underground world. Let yourself be enchanted by the enchanting city streets and cultural sites. Save them in your heart and look forward to the day when you can meet them in person.

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Current Events in Slovenia During Lockdown

“All the world’s a stage” has never been more true, William, especially in times of lockdown, where an unparalleled drama is unravelling on our screens and covering the whole world. Several mainstream and alternative theatre houses in the city such as Mestno Gledališče Ljubljansko, the National Drama Theatre,  Mestno gledališče Ljubljansko,Mladinsko Theatre, Gledališče Glej, Pocket Teater Studio and performing arts collective Emanat have opened up their virtual stage and are either streaming rehearsals, recorded plays from their archive or holding interesting live talks or music evenings. Tuck your kids, pour that wine, dim those lights and enjoy world class theatre – for free. Check for shows in English or with English subs, or brush up on your Slovene!

And because those poor kids have been stuck inside with you all this time, help them escape reality, get them to catch a live or recorded show at the Puppet Theatre or Mini Teater. While kids won’t like your shows and will gladly sleep through them, you might be surprised at how immersed you yourself can get in shows primarily made for kids. Don’t be shy now, the world is in dire need of humor and not taking yourself too seriously.

Dance like no one is watching

While we definitely recommend you to join in Coronavirus dance challenges, especially if you’re doing them in full view of the rest of the family members, possibly stealing their Internet time and living room space and wearing something equivalent of this excellent leotard right here, it’s also nice to sit back and watch the pros do it. Catch an archived or live show at Plesni Teater or Španski Borci.  No need to worry about understanding the language, for the language of the body is universal. Tell that to anyone who doesn’t understand you when you’re prancing around the living room, expressing your inner demons in some complicated modern dance choreo.

Clubbing in Lockdown: Go Out – Stay In

No one can be bothered to put on makeup in quarantine, so mutual partner love is obviously being heavily tested right now, unless you’re in Malaysia or you’re keen on trying something new – a kind of night in –  night out, where you’d pretend you’re in a club surrounded by hot strangers shaking it to some tune you love or will learn to love, cocktail in hand. While for those with family it might be tricky to turn up dance music in the middle of the night, you can solve it with a good set of headphones. Hook up to different club nights and live DJ sets organised by Žuram doma / KurzschlussPritličjeor Klub Tiffany 

On the plus side there is no line for the bathroom, right?

Music will help you in Lockdown

Music is really going to survive it all. It had never been easier to produce or enjoy it to a wide audience than in a lockdown era where society is confined to the online. While worldwide lockdown playlist are not scarce, for something happening more locally we’d recommend following some of the local radios like Radio Študent, DJs like Miss Rocking Bones and musicians like KuklaPeter Savizon’s big quarantine concerts and Dubioza KolektivMetelkova still seems to be the go-to for music, whether a club night at Tiffany or a concert at Gala Hala. 

Movies in Lockdown

While there are those that are more and those that are less popular movies to watch during quarantine, this is the perfect chance to not get stuck on some mediocre tv-series but find excellent films from archives of cinematic institutions that actually know something about movies! Missing the programming at the city’s Kinodvor and Kinoteka? Follow their lead to some of the best film archives and find gems you’d never come across in the pre-Covid world. 

Kinodvor – A film a day

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