Autumn events in Slovenia 2020


This autumn Slovenia has an impressive line up of various events for all tastes and likings.

Explore all the culture, sports, culinary, wine, gastronomic and other events this autumn in Slovenia.

Street Food Festival “Sočna vilica” May 22 – Sep 25 2020

From the spring to the autumn, in Murska Sobota smells breathtaking, the culinary Festival “Sočna vilica” offers many tastes and culinary experiences. Festival of street culinary delights invites you to taste the diverse dishes of local and international cuisine, supplemented by top-quality wines of local winemakers, a varied beer selection and other creative beverages from different providers. Every second (sunny) Friday between 10.30 am and 9 pm in the city center various cooking masters enchant us with their tastes and skills. And because Time in Pomurje just runs slower than elsewhere and every hour takes two hours of your time, sometimes even more, you should come when you need time for yourself and your loved ones.

Opera Night in City Park 4 September 2020

Enjoy the most beautiful opera arias in a natural ambient of the Maribor City Park and experience an unforgettable romantic night at the magnificent conclusion of the opera season. A traditional concert of opera arias and choirs organized by SNG Maribor is enjoyed by opera and classical music lovers and also by many passers-by.

Goni Pony 5 September 2020

Welcome to the 6th edition of Red Bull Goni Pony — the gnarliest #retro cycling race up the highest mountain pass in Slovenia. After five consecutive record-breaking years the stage is set for the biggest Pony bike Hillclimb ever! No gears, no carbon fiber, no surrender! The biggest Pony race will be held on the 5th of September!

Vinarium Festival 2020: 41st Lendava Grape Harvest 5 September 2020

This traditional ethnological culinary event is held in early September at various locations in the town. Lendava grape harvest is a celebration of the winegrowers, which impresses with a varied full-day program and a rich gastronomic offer, including bograč, langos, pretzels as well as fish – of course, Lendava’s fine wines are a must. The traditional procession through the old town with the presentation of traditions and costumes is a real eye-catcher. The cultural heritage preserved in music and dance will surely be a delight for folklore fans, and will not do without a children’s entertainment program and late-night parties. Lendava Grape Harvest, 5th September 2020.

Picnic in City Park 6 September 2020

A pleasant ambient of the Maribor City Park is filled with a true picnic atmosphere with picnic areas set up to enjoy culinary delights from picnic baskets. Local food producers gather at a single location to offer their local delicacies. Refresh yourself with natural home-made beverages and visit a fair of local food producers and farms.

Urban Festival 11 till 12 September 2020

The project in the upper part of the Main Square brings together dancers of modern dance (hip hop and breake dance competition), artists (graffiti artists) who create on specialy assigned areas and young DJs who take care of the musical background. In the lower part young culinary masters present themselves during the day as well as in the evening, presenting local cuisine on stalls, homemade distillates with an emphasis on Slovenian gin and gin tonics. The upper part of the market in the evening hosts a disco in the square, where the Main Square is equiped with the largest disco ball in Slovenia.

Festival Maribor 17 till 26 September 2020

The programme is created in collaboration with both domestic and foreign co-producers and musicians and it consists mainly of chamber music and symphonic works. Even though the festival endured many transformations, it tries to preserve two main inspirations: the festival’s theme which guides the programme selection and the concept of chamber or orchestral ensembles. During pre-production, some of the ensembles participate in a kind of music laboratory, where musicians can collaborate and prepare a concert line-up presented only during the festival.

Top musicians – soloists thus benefit from harmonizing their creative energies as well as the audience, invited to enjoy the unique concerts. Another prominent feature of the Maribor Festival are beautiful venues, engulfed by history and charm. Union Hall, deeply appreciated because of its beautiful Secession style and acoustics, Kazina Hall at the Slovene National Theatre Maribor, Vetrinj Mansion and the Minorite Church, dazzling the audience with its more than 700 years old ambient.

The Old Vine Festival 17 till 20 September 2020

The old vine growing at Maribor’s Lent is a testimony of extremely rich wine-growing tradition and success stories of Štajerska wine-growers. The capital of Štajerska celebrates the symbol of vintage wines and persistence, and thus this is a festival of learning, tasting, socializing and joy. The festival ends with the formal grape harvest in front of the Old Vine House. The harvest, which is a true city celebration, is visited by many from far and wide, important guests from the government and public life, many receivers of the Old Vine’s scions, Slovenian wine queens and representatives of wine fraternities and orders.

The ceremonious grape harvest of the oldest vine in the world 20 September 2020

In front of the Old Vine’s home on Lent many visitors from near and far, numerous important guests from the government and public life, many receivers of the Old Vine’s scions and all Slovene wine queens to date gather. Present are also representatives of the wine fraternities and orders and also numerous journalists.

Beer Fest Maribor 25 till 26 September

Beer Fest Maribor is a two-day festival that showcases beers from mostly Slovenian microbreweries and other from neighboring countries. Besides tons of great beer, there’s also food and music in play. 

12th International Festival of Desserts – Sweet Istria 26 till 27 September 2020

Sweet Istria, the international festival of desserts and sweet products, is the largest event of this kind in Slovenia. The “sweet streets” in Koper guide the visitors and offer them a chance to discover, taste, and buy sweet products from Slovenian Istria, Slovenia and the world. Sweet Istria offers visitors an opportunity to attend various workshops and conferences, enjoy the rich cultural program or participate in many other activities.

JESTIVAL – Food & Art festival 3 October 2020

On the 3rd October 2020, the center of Kobarid will offer local dishes from the Soča valley and locality and introduce local restaurants and manufacturers of local delicacies. The local dessert “kobariški štruklji” (sweet dumplings), local mountain pasture cheese, homemade honey and salami are just some of the culinary delights to try. The marketplace of local produce will be rounded up with the all-day program featuring local artists and artisans, as well as with an evening concert.

Hike along the Miško’s trails 3 October 2020

Hike along the Miško’s trails – hike of our writer Miško Kranjec who was actually hiking and writing about it in his literature. This years hike starts at Miško Kranjec’s homestead in Velika Polana and it will take you along river Ledava towards Lendava Hills, Vinarium Tower to his former vineyard cottage.

International Festival Chilli and Chocolate 9 till 10 October 2020

Every year, the International Chilli and Chocolate Festival hosts over 40 different chilli creators and chocolate artists from Slovenia and abroad who present their delicious and spicy products. Enter a special spicy and sweet adventure and satisfy your taste buds and creativity. You get a lot of information on chillies and chocolate and find out why opposites attract.

Luka Koper 7th Istrian Marathon 10 till 11 Ocotber 2020

The Istrian Marathon is a winning combination of sport, promotion, emotional drive and confidence in our own abilities.

Kozjansko Apple Festival 10 till 11 Ocotber 2020

The Kozjansko Apple Festival is a traditional central event in Kozjansko park, at the Podsreda market town, which is held every year in the second week of October since 2000. The event represents the collaboration of the inhabitants of this protected biosphere area and the joint endeavours for the protection of nature and the preservation of the agricultural and cultural environment in the Kozjansko region. Its most characteristic environmental elements are the tall trunk meadow orchards with old varieties of apple trees.

Maribor Theatre Festival 12 till 25 October 2020

Every year, the Borštnik Theatre Festival features the best performances of Slovenian theatres. After it ends, an expert panel presents awards for the best performance, actors, directors and other artistic achievements. Some plays are also performed in foreign languages.

Mercedes-Benz UCI Mountain Bike World Cup 15 till 18 October 2020

International competition, where the best mountain bikers compete in the downhill on one of the hardest tracks, all with one goal: to become a world champion.

Slovenian Istria days of Agriculture 17 till 18 October 2020

During the “Slovenian Istria days of Agriculture”, the countryside of Istria and Slovenia, as well as all its gifts and products, come to town. This provides visitors with an excellent opportunity to try local products such as cheeses, charcuterie products, wines, oils, bee products, etc., and also buy them directly from their providers. The events at the fair are usually accompanied by professional presentations and workshops that also allow you to familiarise yourself with farming machinery and some farm animals.

Halloween in the Tunnels 24 till 30 October 2020

Halloween in the Tunnels under the old town of Kranj can be horrifying, dark and scary, but when walking this path, children can lose their fear of animals and darkness. In the enchanted labyrinth they learn to rely on their own sense of direction. After these adventures, they walk with lanterns to the fairytale witch that tells them the story of Alice in Wonderland. The artist will also draw this wonderful story into the sand, right there in front of your eyes.

Taste Radol’ca, month of local cuisine 30 October till 30 November 2020

It has already become a tradition that November in Radol’ca is a month of local cuisine and outstanding menus, which are offered at a set price by restaurants in Radovljica and the surrounding areas that are part of Taste Radol’ca. The menus combine the finest quality ingredients from the Alpine countryside and forests with those from further afield in Slovenia. The talented chefs work wonders to create exceptional flavors by combining ingredients in the finest dishes. The month of local cuisine kicks off with a unique opening dinner and a local farmers’ market and ends with Taste Radol’ca cooking up street food on the occasion of the switching on of the Christmas lights in Linhart Square in Radovljica.

Halloween 31 October 2020

Unusual things happen again in the Tunnels under the old town. Dark forces are constantly lurking around us, and every now and then a shiver runs down your spine. Do you dare to come closer to the truth? Enter the underground of Kranj and experience the nightmare.

Dolenjska celebration of St. Martin’s day 6 November 2020

The Grm Castle is a magical venue where all local winemakers, home delicacies producers, and musicians meet to create a modern celebration of St. Martin’s day. Feast of St. Martin with a glass of excellent cviček, blau fränkisch or other top-level Dolenjska’s wines, combined with Martin’s culinary, is a holiday for many locals and visitors who want to get to know authentic Dolenjska’s hospitality.

The Feast of Saint Martin 7 November 2020

This traditional November feast celebrates young wine which reflects in the tasting glasses of visitors of winegrowing area of Škalce, where you can be a part of a rich cultural program, colored with Slovenian ethnological features, the blessing of young wine and taste local culinary specialties. The Konjice vineyards around the Zlati grič Wine Cellar are a unique scenery for this event.

St. Martin’s Day celebration 11 November 2020

The St. Martin’s Day celebration in Maribor is the biggest public one-day celebration of St. Martin’s Day in Slovenia. On this occasion, even 20.000 visitors from Slovenia and abroad come to the Slovenian Styrian capital. The tribute to autumn and the celebration in the city square are accompanied by a rich cultural and entertainment offer and several wine and culinary events.