TOP 5 Slovenian gifts for her


TOP 5 Slovenian gifts for her

Since we understand how much of a hassle gift picking can be at times we decided to help you out by carefully selecting Top Slovenian gifts – a selection of unique gifts made in Slovenia that are sure to make her smile

1. The Slovenia Book – Woman’s edition

Not only does this hardcover special edition showcase how beautifully diverse our country is, the Top 100 Women Limited Edition brings you 15 exclusive interviews and features from some of Slovenia´s most influential women today. These women are Ajša Vodnik, Ana Roš, Danica Purg, Irena Kos, Iza Login, Jerca Legan Cvikl, Katarina Čas, Ksenja Benedetti, Laura Unuk, Maja Mikek, Maja Pak, Marta Kos, Mateja Benedetti, Sonja Šmuc and Uršula Cetinski.

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2. THE Slovenia Praline Gift Box

Travel across Slovenia’s culinary regions with these delectable pralines – from Adriatic sea salt to Pannonian pumpkin seeds.

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3. Lace jewelry from Idriamant

Idriamant is a brand of unique jewelry and products with designer bobbin lace that combines contemporary computer-aided design and traditional handicraft. Four designers craft exclusive lace jewelry for exceptional women with designer bobbin lace, luxury fashion accessories and unique souvenirs with Idrija lace.

Products are based on traditional bobbin lace from Idrija and other parts of Slovenia.

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4. Handmade candle

Handmade candle

Soy wax melted and poured with bare hands in a handmade stoneware cup, made with ˝pinch˝ technique. Includes wood wick, which sounds like a fireplace and a small and cozy wooden cottage. Natural and vegan.

Burn the candle, wash it with hot water and enjoy your new favorite stoneware cup!

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5. Madres Ylang Ylang (feminine)

Madres Ylang Ylang (feminine

The sweet, seductive scent of ylang-ylang. An exotic, flowery fragrance that will entice all your senses. Carefully selected natural ingredients, including a refreshing whiff of lemon, will keep you fully protected from unpleasant odors – so that you can stay fresh all day.

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