How to spend holidays in Slovenia?


We often get asked how to spend holidays in Slovenia. There are many fun ways to spend your next holidays in Slovenia. Whether you like spending your holidays in Slovenia in a more active way or prefer to relax and unwind. Learn how to spend holidays in Slovenia here!

Slovenia offers a variety of fun as well as more soothing activities you simply must try while on holiday in Slovenia. That’s why we decided to make an article to make your planning of holidays in Slovenia easier. We combined some adventures, sports activities, gastronomy as well a day in the spa. A perfect combination of things for your holidays in Slovenia, whether you are planning on spending your holidays in Slovenia solo or with your family, or perhaps with your better half.

Plan a day trip to beautiful Slovenian places

Slovenia is one of the most beautiful countries in the world. Not to mention it is also one of the cleanest and safest countries in the world. Best way to spend your holidays in Slovenia is to rent a car and go on daily trips around Slovenia. Since Slovenia is a rather smaller country every place you want to visit while on holiday in Slovenia it is located a max of 2 hours away. Perfect right?

The size of Slovenia will be a huge advantage for you once you visit the country, as it will provide you with the perfect opportunity to explore more Slovenian treasures. Explore the top day trips in Slovenia while on holiday in Slovenia below!

Get an adrenaline rush while on holidays in Slovenia

If you or anyone in your family likes adventures and need a bit of an adrenaline rush then Slovenia is the perfect spot for your next holidays. Slovenia is an adrenaline junkie playground. From skydiving, paragliding all the way to canyoning, and everything in between. The need for adrenaline will be fulfilled while you are on holiday in Slovenia. Trust us!

Go canyoning in Slovenia on your next holiday in Slovenia and get that blood pumping for an hour or three. Explore the beautiful and clear waters while canyoning in Slovenia.

If canyoning is not your cup of tea or rather said it is too much of an adrenaline rush then you can always explore the emerald and crystal clear waters while kayaking on the Slovenian rivers while on holidays in Slovenia.

Besides rafting and canyoning, kayaking is one of the most popular water activities in Slovenia. In fact, it has been ranked number one amongst attractions on offer in several regions of Slovenia. Do you need more convincing that kayaking in Slovenia is a must?

Taste the top Slovenian dishes

Did you know Slovenia will be the gastronomic region in 2021? Slovenian gastronomic scene is very well developed. From being home to one of the best chefs in Slovenia – Ana Roš, to receiving our first Michelin stars and much more!

While on holidays in Slovenia one must try at least one traditional Slovenian dish. Explore the top 10 traditional Slovenian dishes on your holiday in Slovenia here.

Cycling in Slovenia

Slovenians love to go cycling. You also might know one of our best bikers Primož Roglič as he is one of the best in the world, not only in Slovenia. Just a little humblebrag.

Many foreign tourists come to Slovenia and cycle through the country while on holiday in Slovenia. If you don’t have your bike with you, no worries, you can always rent one. If “normal” cycling isn’t for you, we recommend you visit one of the bike parks in Slovenia. Beginners and professionals will be happy to ride on the biking trails in the many bike parks. Visiting a bike park in Slovenia is a great way to spice up your holidays in Slovenia.

Book a SPA day in Slovenia

Slovenia has an abundance of natural riches as well as the luxury of both sea and mountain climates, leading to a variety of spas offering health, recreation, relaxation, and much more. We already feel more relaxed.

Treat yourself to a perfect SPA day on your holiday in Slovenia in one of the top SPA resorts in Slovenia and just relax and breathe.

Learn a word or two in Slovenian

We often get asked how to learn Slovenian, believe it or not. With the right attitude and motivation, you will be speaking Slovenian language like a pro in no time! Or you will at least learn a sentence or two, which will surely come in hand for your upcoming holiday in Slovenia.

Slovenian language is spoken by (only) 2.5 million speakers worldwide, the majority of whom live in Slovenia, where it is the only official language. Slovenians will surely appreciate you knowing a word or two in Slovenian language on your holiday in Slovenia.

Take a hike in Slovenia

Slovenia is a hiking paradise with more than 10,000 kilometers of marked hiking trails. Grab your hiking boots and let’s go explore the top Slovenian hiking trails. Slovenia has a diverse selection of hiking trails for you to choose from. We have selected the top Slovenian hiking trails for you to choose from before you spend your next holidays in Slovenia.

Go glamping in Slovenia and forget your tent at home

Camping is so last season (or so they say). Forget your tents and sleeping bags at home and spend your next holidays in Slovenia in a unique type of accommodation, which combines a bit of luxury for pampering your senses and sleeping under the stars. Sounds to us like one of the best ways to spend your holidays in Slovenia.

op glamping resorts in Slovenia are without a doubt unique and offer innovative and themed accommodation facilities. As you will see in this article some of the top glamping resorts in Slovenia focus on simple comfort while others focus on luxury and world-class culinary specialties wrapped up in traditional Slovenian flavors. Check out our selection of Top glamping resorts in Slovenia and book your next holidays in Slovenia in one of the top glamping resorts in Slovenia!

Explore the majestic Slovenian castles

Slovenia does not have a monarchy even though there are more than 500 castles in the country! That means there is approximately one castle per 25 kilometers. While some of these castles are in impeccable condition, others are now standing as ruins you can explore. Visit one of the majestic Slovenian castles while on holiday in Slovenia and see how the royals lived here back in the old days.

Go standup paddling in Slovenia

What a fun activity for the whole family while on holiday in Slovenia. Slovenia has many locations where you can enjoy stand up paddling and explore Slovenian gems. You can have an active holiday with your SUP board on lakes, rivers or on the coastline. Here are our top Slovenian locations for stand up paddling.

Go wine tasting in Slovenia

Slovenia has been recognized as one of the top wine-growing countries in the world as there are plenty of opportunities to taste and toast with an amazing glass of wine. Next time you are on holiday in Slovenia make sure you taste some of the top Slovenian wines. You won’t be sorry!

While on holidays in Slovenia you can always book a wine tour or wine tasting in most of the Slovenian vineyards and wineries. Slovenia is a well-known wine destination, which is split into three whine regions. In every region, you have an amazing opportunity to explore and taste the amazing Slovenian wine. Many winemakers offer wine tours through their vineyards. Explore the best Slovenian vineyards while on holiday in Slovenia.

Take pictures for your Instagram profile

Slovenia in a very Instagram friendly country. Make sure you have your phone camera on! And enough battery on your phone fo course, otherwise you might miss a photo opportunity while on holidays in Slovenia. One of the best features in Slovenia is surely are breathtaking nature. Make sure you add some of the beautiful Instagrammable spots on your bucket list while planning your holidays in Slovenia. To make your location scouting for the perfect Instagram photo easier we have prepared an article about the most Instagrammable lakes in Slovenia, where you simply must snap a pic or to for your Instagram profile while on holidays in Slovenia. don’t forget to tag us in your photo and we will repost it on our social media.